167 Mesozoic Sedimentary Basins as Archives of Mexican Magmatic History and Paleogeography

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Sunday, 5 October 2008: 1:30 PM-4:45 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 351AD

Elena Centeno García , Timothy F. Lawton and Ira A. Bradford
1:45 PM
Sandstone Provenance and Tectonic Setting of Volcanic and Sedimentary Units of the Mesozoic Zacatecas Volcanic Complex, Sierra De Zacatecas, Mexico
Felipe de Jesús. Escalona-Alcázar, CICESE; Luis Alberto Delgado-Argote, CICESE; Fernando Velasco-Tapia, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León; Juan Carlos García y Barragán, UNAM; Oliver Nebel, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; Bodo Weber, CICESE
2:00 PM
Detrital Zircon Ages from the El Chilar Accretionary Complex and Volcaniclastic Rocks of the San Juan De La Rosa Formation, Toliman, Queretaro, Mexico
Víctor Manuel Dávila-Alcocer, INSTITUTO DE GEOLOGIA, UNAM; Elena Centeno-Garcia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico; Rafael Barboza-Gudiño, Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí; Victor Valencia, University of Arizona; Elisa Fitz-Díaz, University of Minnesota
2:30 PM
Age of the Altar Schist and Cretaceous Deformation in the Caborca – Altar Region of Northwestern Sonora
Andrew P. Barth, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; Carl E. Jacobson, Iowa State University; Cesar Jacques-Ayala, Instituto de Geología; J. Roldan, UNAM-CRN; Jane N. Pedrick, Iowa State Univ
2:45 PM
New U-Pb and Structural Data Constraining the Mesozoic Paleogeography and Tectonic Evolution of the Guerrero Terrane in Southern Mexico
Michelangelo Martini, UNAM; Luca Ferrari, UNAM; Margarita López Martínez, CICESE; Mariano Cerca Martinez, UNAM; Victor Valencia, Univ of Arizona
3:00 PM
Mesozoic Evolution of the Northern Region of the Jalisco Block, Mexico Based on U-Pb Geochronology
Victor A. Valencia, University of Arizona; Kevin Righter, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston; George Gehrels, Univ of Arizona; Joaquin Ruiz, University of Arizona; Jose Rosas-Elguera, Univ de Guadalajara; Fernando Barra, Univ of Arizona
3:15 PM
The Cuicateco Terrane: Z a Oceanic Basin with Subduction Influence in the Upper Cretaceous in the Southern Mexico? New Structural, Geochemical and Geochronological Data
Rosalva Perez Gutierrez, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México; Luigi Solari Lovati, Centro de Geociencias, UNAM; Arturo Gomez Tuena, Centro de Geociencias, UNAM; Victor Valencia, University of Arizona
3:30 PM
Geochemistry of Volcanic Rocks of the Chivillas Formation: Evidence of Jurassic-Cretaceous Alkaline OIB Volcanism in Eastern Mexico
Claudia C. Mendoza-Rosales, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; Elena Centeno-Garcia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico; Gilberto Silva-Romo, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
3:45 PM
Late Triassic Paleo-Oceanic Basement Framework of the Peninsular Ranges Batholith of Baja California; New Evidence from the El Arco-Calmalli District
David L. Kimbrough, San Diego State University; Jorge Ledesma-Vazquez, Univ. Autonoma de Baja California
4:00 PM
Sedimentary Record of Multiple Mesozoic Arc Events in Western Guerrero Terrane, Mexico
Elena Centeno García, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; Cathy Busby, University of California; Michel Busby, University of California
4:15 PM
Evidence for basement type distribution from zircon U/Pb age spectra from Jurassic and Cretaceous sandstones, greater Monterrey area, Mexico
Gary G. Gray, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co; Timothy F. Lawton, New Mexico State University
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