131 Magnetism of Sedimentary Rocks and Sediments

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Sunday, 5 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 350DEF

Kenneth P. Kodama , John W. Geissman and R. Douglas Elmore
8:00 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:15 AM
Origin of Remanence Recording the Mono Lake Excursion In the Mono Basin, CA
Joseph C. Liddicoat, Barnard College, Columbia University; Robert S. Coe, University of California; Roxanne Smith, University of California
8:35 AM
Magnetostratigraphic Correlation of the Triassic-Jurassic Moenave Formation, Southwest Utah and Northern Arizona, to Strata in the Newark and Hartford Basins
Linda Lee Donohoo-Hurley, University of New Mexico; John Geissman, University of New Mexico; Spencer Lucas, New Mexico Museum of Natural History
9:05 AM
Comparison of K-Ar Dates of Diagenetic Illite and Magnetic Characteristics in Concretions, Disturbed Belt, Montana
W. Crawford Elliott, Georgia State University; Stephen G. Osborn, The University of Arizona; R. Douglas Elmore, University of Oklahoma; Michael H. Engel, University of Oklahoma; Louise Totten, University of Oklahoma; Vanessa O'Brien, University of Oklahoma
9:20 AM
The Origin of the Magnetic Susceptibility Signal in the Woodford Shale, Southern Oklahoma
Grant Heard, University of Oklahoma; Johari Pannalal, University of Oklahoma; R. Douglas Elmore, University of Oklahoma; Richard A. Whittington, Georgia State University; W. Crawford Elliott, Georgia State University; Michael Engel, University of Oklahoma; M. Zechmeister, University of Oklahoma; Mike Aufill, University of Oklahoma; Andrew Madden, University of Oklahoma
9:35 AM
9:50 AM
Synsedimentary Tectonic Strain and Fold Kinematics Recorded by Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility in Pyrenean Flysch
Joanna K. Troy, Lehigh University; Kenneth P. Kodama, Lehigh University; David J. Anastasio, Lehigh University
10:05 AM
Origin of Syntilting Remagnetizations in Deformed Mississippian Carbonates, Southern Canadian Rockies
M.S. Zechmeister, University of Oklahoma; R. Douglas Elmore, University of Oklahoma; Mark Evans, Central Connecticut State University; S.J. Pannalal, University of Oklahoma
10:20 AM
Paleomagnetism of the Galmoy Zinc-Lead Deposit, Ireland: Evidence of An Epigenetic Origin
S.J. Pannalal, University of Oklahoma; D.T.A. Symons, University of Windsor; D.F. Sangster
10:35 AM
Fine-Scale Variations in Magnetic Field Measurements Over Chesapeake Bay Delineate Zones of High Magnetic Susceptibility Sediments
Anjana K. Shah, U. S. Geological Survey; Peter R. Vogt, University of California at Santa Barbara; Thomas M. Cronin, U. S. Geological Survey; Debra A. Willard, U. S. Geological Survey; Wayne L. Newell, U. S. Geological Survey
10:50 AM
Rock Magnetic Studies of Glacial Lake Missoula Flood Sediments
Michelle A. Hanson, Simon Fraser University; Randolph J. Enkin, Geological Survey of Canada - Pacific; René Barendregt, University of Lethbridge; John J. Clague, Simon Fraser University
11:05 AM
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