344 Exhumation of Continental Ultrahigh-Pressure Terranes

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Thursday, 9 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 351CF

Jane A. Gilotti and William C. McClelland
8:00 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:05 AM
Extension and Doming In (Ultra-)High-Pressure Terranes Driven by Syn-Convergent Exhumation of (U)HP Nappes
Rebecca A. Jamieson; Clare J. Warren; Christopher Beaumont, Dalhousie University
8:25 AM
Controls on Late-Orogenic Exhumation of Subducted UHP Continental Basement
Jared P. Butler; Christopher Beaumont; Rebecca A. Jamieson; Clare J. Warren
8:40 AM
The Timing of Exhumation and Basin Development In the North-East Greenland Caledonides
William C. McClelland, University of Iowa; Jane A. Gilotti, University of Iowa
9:10 AM
Zircon Geochronology and Tectonostratigraphy of Liverpool Land, East Greenland: Evidence for a Caledonian Lower-Crustal Continental Suture
Scott M. Johnston, University of Arizona; Hannes K. Brueckner, Queens College, CUNY; Ebbe H. Hartz, Oslo University; George E. Gehrels, University of Arizona
9:25 AM
Structural Analysis in the Coast Range Ophiolite near Paskenta, California: Implications for Tectonic Uplift Processes
Andrew D. Dewhurst, The University of Texas at Austin; Mark Cloos, University of Texas at Austin
9:40 AM
9:55 AM
Is Microplate Rotation Driving HP–UHP Exhumation In Eastern Papua New Guinea?
Laura E. Webb, Syracuse University; Suzanne L. Baldwin, Syracuse University; Timothy A. Little, Victoria University; Paul G. Fitzgerald, Syracuse University
10:15 AM
Correlation of Eocene-Oligocene Exhumation around the Caribbean: Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Guatemala
Virginia Sisson, University of Houston; Hans G. Ave Lallemant, Rice Univ; Sorena S. Sorensen, Smithsonian Institution
10:45 AM
The Insight into the Basement of Central Tibet: Timing, Exhumation, and Extent of the Qiangtang Metamorphic Belt and Duguer Shan Gneiss
Alex Pullen, University of Arizona; Paul Kapp, University of Arizona; George Gehrels, University of Arizona; Lin Ding, Chinese Academy of Sciences
11:00 AM
Tectonic Evolution of the North Qaidam UHP Metamorphic Terrane, Western China
Carrie Menold, Albion College; An Yin, University of California, Los Angeles; Craig E. Manning, University of California-Los Angeles; Xuanhua Chen, Chinese Academy of Geol Sciences; Xiaofeng Wang, Chinese Academy of Geol Sciences
11:35 AM
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