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Monday, 6 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 330B

Cherukupalli E. Nehru
8:00 AM
The Future of Geoforensics?
Alastair Ruffell, Queen's University, Belfast; Laurance Donnelly, Halcrow Group Ltd; Raymond Murray, University of Montana
8:20 AM
Forensic Geology in the United Kingdom and the United States
Marianne Stam, California Department of Justice; Ray Murray
8:35 AM
Specialaizatiion within Foresic Science – the Place of Geology
Cherukupalli E. Nehru, Brooklyn College - CUNY
9:05 AM
Cathodoluminescence as a Forensic Tool
Graham F. Peaslee, Hope College; JoAnn Buscaglia, FBI Laboratory; Christopher S. Palenik, Microtrace LLC
9:40 AM
Trace Element Chemistry of Human Teeth - Leaching of Metals from Dental Amalgam
Sonali Gera, Arkansas State University - Arkansas Biosciences Institute; Roger Buchanan, Arkansas State University; Robyn Hannigan, Arkansas State Univ
10:10 AM
Pyrometamorphic Marbles: An Excursion into Forensic Archeology
Thomas J. Williams, University of Idaho; Jill Bassett, Umatilla National Forest
10:25 AM
The Largest Act of Environmental Warfare in History
Steven Dutch, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
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