207 Crises on the Reefs? Anticipating the Effects of Global Warming on Reefs by Reference to the Fossil Record—Is the Past Really the Key to the Present in the New Field of Conservation Paleobiology?

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Monday, 6 October 2008: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 351CF

Claudia C. Johnson , Jere Lipps , George D. Stanley and Dennis Hubbard
1:30 PM
Paleoecological Patterns of Reef Death and Possible Causes for the Carbonate Collapse at the End-Triassic Mass Extinction
Rowan Martindale, University of Southern California; David Bottjer, University of Southern California
2:00 PM
Evolutionary History of Photosymbiosis and Its Implications for the Future of Reefs
Jere H. Lipps, University of California; Lorraine R. Cazassa, University of California; Scott A. Fay, University of California; Michele Weber, University of California
2:15 PM
Phanerozoic Reef Crises and the HEATT Model
David L. Kidder, Ohio Univ; Thomas R. Worsley, Ohio Univ
2:30 PM
The Demise of Acropora Palmata in Caribbean Reefs: Past, Present and Future
Dennis K. Hubbard, Oberlin College; Anne Lagomarcino, University of Cincinnati
3:00 PM
U-Th Dating of Holocene Sea Level Highstands Using Fringing Coral Reefs along the Vietnamese Coast
AI D. Nguyen, The University of Queensland; Kefu Yu, The University of Queensland; Jian-xin Zhao, The University of Queensland; Massimo Gasparon, The University of Queensland
3:15 PM
Anomalous Enhanced Calcification in Irregular Archaeocyaths in a High-CO2 World: Evidence for Photosymbiosis in Irregular Archaeocyaths
Melissa Hicks, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Stephen M. Rowland, University of Nevada Las Vegas
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