234 The Himalayan Orogen and Rise of the Tibetan Plateau: An Earth Systems Approach to the Tectonic and Landscape Evolution of Asia

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Tuesday, 7 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 332CF

Paul T. Robinson and Yildirim Dilek
8:00 AM
Timing of Collision In the Western Himalayan Orogen
Shuhab Khan, Univ of Houston; J. Douglas Walker, University of Kansas; Stuart Hall, University of Houston; Kevin Burke, University of Houston; Mohammad Shah, University of Peshawar; Lisa Stockli, Univ. of Kansas
8:15 AM
The Oman Mountains as a Part of the Alpine-Himalyan Orogen
Robert T. Gregory, Southern Methodist University; David R. Gray
8:30 AM
A Possible Role for Collision-Induced Mantle Extrusion as Evidenced from Arc-Forearc Rollback in Western Pakistan
Shuhab Khan, University of Houston; Martin Flower, Univesity of Illinois, Chicago
8:45 AM
Crust-Mantle Recycling Recorded In Tibetan Ophiolites
Paul T. Robinson, GeoForschungsZentrum; Robert Trumbull, GeoForschungsZentrum; Axel Schmitt, University of Southern California; Jingsui Yang, Institute of Geology; Joerg Erzinger, GeoForschungsZentrum; Rolf Emmermann, GeoForschungsZentrum
9:00 AM
The Sumdo Eclogite Belt in the Lhasa Block, Tibet: A New Discovery and Its Tectonic Implications
Jingsui Yang, Institute of Geology, CAGS; Paul T. Robinson, Dalhousie University
9:15 AM
Cretaceous - Tertiary Geology of Central Tibet and Implications for Plateau Formation: A Synthesis
John E. Volkmer, University of Arizona; Paul Kapp, University of Arizona; Peter DeCelles, University of Arizona; Jerome Guynn, ExxonMobil; Andrew Leier, University of Calgary
9:45 AM
U-Pb Basement and Detrital Zircon Geochronology of the Southern Tibetan Plateau and Tethyan Himalaya
George E. Gehrels, University of Arizona; Paul Kapp, University of Arizona; Alex Pullen, University of Arizona; Lin Ding, Chinese Academy of Sciences
10:00 AM
Low-Temperature Thermochronology of the Tibetan Plateau - a Review and New Results from the Interior
Jerome Guynn, ExxonMobil; Paul Kapp, University of Arizona; Barbara Carrapa, University of Wyoming; John E. Volkmer, The University of Arizona
10:15 AM
Long-Term Slow Exhumation in the Middle of the Greater Himalayan Series in the Modi Khola Transect, Central Nepal
Aaron J. Martin, University of Maryland; Jibamitra Ganguly, University of Arizona; Peter Copeland, University of Houston
10:30 AM
Eastward Propagation of the Kunlun Fault and Implications for Mechanics of the Tibetan Plateau
Nathan Harkins, The Pennsylvania State University; William Craddock, The Pennsylvania State University; Eric Kirby, Penn State Univ
10:45 AM
Beginning to Place Limits on the Timing, Size and Spatial Extent of Great Earthquakes along the Himalayan Frontal Thrust with Paleoseismology
S. Kumar, Indian Institute of Science; Steven G. Wesnousky, University of Nevada, Reno; R. Jayangodaperumal, M. S. University Tirunelvelli; T. Nakata, Hiroshima Institute of Technology; Y. Kumahara, Guma University; Vimal Singh, Indian Institute of Science
11:00 AM
Geothermal Fluxes of Heat and CO2 near the MCT Zone, Nepal
Louis A. Derry, Cornell University; Matthew Evans, Wheaton College
11:15 AM
Symmetric Himalayan Topography and Drainage Pattern Induced by Asymmetric Strain Partitioning and Exhumation
An Yin, University of California; Zhengkang Shen, University of California
11:30 AM
Monsoon Intensification Linked to Greater Himalayan Exhumation in the Early Miocene
Peter D. Clift, University of Aberdeen; Kip Hodges, Arizona State University; David Heslop, University of Bremen; Robyn Hannigan, Arkansas State Univ
11:45 AM
Wind-enhanced tectonics in the Qaidam Basin and implications for the source of the Loess Plateau
Paul Kapp, University of Arizona; Alexander Rohrmann, University of Arizona; Jon Pelletier, University of Arizona
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