265 Lakes in Extreme Environments: Earth and Beyond

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Tuesday, 7 October 2008: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 330A

David B. Finkelstein and Thomas R. Kulp
1:30 PM
The Lacustrine Sequence Stratigraphy and the Saline Deposits Origin in Biyang Basin,China
Shu Jiang, University of Colorado; Hua Wang, China University of Geosciences; Hao Guo, HESS Corporation; Jianye Ren, China University of Geosciences; Yongchao Lu, China University of Geosciences
1:45 PM
The Role of Minor Alkali Elements in the Evolution of Closed-Basin Lakes
Rebecca A. Witherow, The Ohio State University; W. Berry Lyons, The Ohio State University
2:00 PM
Late Holocene Ikaite Pseudomorphs In a Saline Lake In the Northern Great Plains, Canada
Fawn M. Ginn, University of Manitoba; William M. Last, University of Manitoba
2:15 PM
Green River Formation Sodium Carbonate Minerals and Elevated Eocene PCO2
Tim K. Lowenstein, Binghamton University; Deidre LaClair, Binghamton University
2:30 PM
Spectral Properties of Chemical Sediments in Modern Acid Saline Lakes and Implications for Mars
Brenda Beitler Bowen, Purdue University; Julianne Bell, Purdue University; Kathleen Benison, Central Michigan University; Stacy Story, Purdue University
2:45 PM
Walker Lake, Nevada Stromatolites: An in-Depth Study of Texture, Growth Rate, and Morphology
Victoria Petryshyn, Univ of Southern California; Frank Corsetti, Univ of Southern California; Will Berelson, University of Southern California; Will Beaumont; Brenda Fouch
3:00 PM
Stromatolites in High-Altitude Andean Lakes of Catamarca Province (Argentina): An Astrobiological Analogue to Life in Extreme Environments?
Fernando J. Gomez, University of Tennessee; Linda C. Kah, University of Tennessee; Ricardo A. Astini, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
3:15 PM
Carbonate Precipitating Cyanobacterial Microbial Mats in the Saline, Alkaline Lakes of the Cariboo Plateau, B.C. as Analogues of Stromatolite Forming Communities
Allyson L. Brady, McMaster University; Greg F. Slater, McMaster University; Gregory Druschel, University of Vermont; Darlene S.S. Lim, NASA Ames Research Centre
3:30 PM
3:45 PM
The Science and Exploration of Pavilion Lake, Canada: A View to the Past and Our Future
Darlene Sze Shien Lim, NASA Ames Research Center; Bernard Laval, University of British Columbia; Greg F. Slater, McMaster University; Rebekah Shepard, Univ of California, Davis; Allyson L. Brady, McMaster University; Michael Gernhardt, NASA Johnson Space Center; Donnie Reid, University of British Columbia; Alex Forrest, University of British Columbia; Phil Nuytten; C.P. McKay, NASA Ames Research Center
4:00 PM
Biomarker Analysis of Phototrophs in Fayetteville Green Lake, NY
Derek Smith, Dartmouth College; James Scott, Dartmouth College
4:15 PM
Distribution of Archaeal and Bacterial Tetraether Membrane Lipids in the Lakes of Taylor Valley, Antarctica
Caroline Jaraula, University of Illinois at Chicago; Stefan Schouten, Netherlands Institute for Sea Rsch; Ellen Hopmans, Netherlands Institute for Sea Rsch; Peter Doran, Univ of Illinois at Chicago; Fabien Kenig, University of Illinois at Chicago
4:30 PM
Evolution of Wax Esters as Storage Lipids in Microbial Mats
David B. Finkelstein, University of Tennessee; Simon C. Brassell, Indiana Univ; Lisa Pratt, Indiana University
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