288 Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Transform Faults

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Wednesday, 8 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 332CF

Alexander Robinson , Michael Murphy , Gary Axen and John Dewey
8:00 AM
Rheological Heterogeneity and the Role of Strain Partitioning in the Development of a Continental Transform Fault: A Lower Crustal Record from the Western Canadian Shield
Gregory Dumond, Univ of Massachusetts; Kevin Mahan, University of Colorado; Philippe Goncalves, Université de Franche-Comté; Noah McLean, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Samuel Bowring, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Michael Jercinovic, Univ of Massachusetts; Christopher Andronicos, Cornell University
8:15 AM
Deformation of Continental Crust along the Queen Charlotte Transform Boundary, Coast Mountains, British Columbia and SE Alaska
Margaret E. Rusmore, Occidental College; Scott W. Bogue, Occidental College; Ken A. Farley, California Institute of Technology; Glenn J. Woodsworth, Geol Survey of Canada; Karen Chavez, Occidental College
8:45 AM
Down-Dip Segmentation of Strike-Slip Fault Zones in the Brittle Crust
Eliza S. Nemser, University of Washington; Darrel S. Cowan, University of Washington
9:00 AM
Polycyclic Deformation, Reactions and Disequlibrium in Mylonites from An Evolving Fault Zone
Erin Stoesz, Indiana University; Robert Wintsch, Indiana University Bloomington; Juergen Schieber, Indiana Univ
9:15 AM
Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Deformation along the Karakoram Fault System, Western Tibet
Veronica Sanchez, University of Houston; Michael Murphy, University of Houston; Ran Zhang, University of Houston; Ding Lin, Chinese Academy of Sciences
9:45 AM
Crust Deformation around Non-Planar Transform Faults: Observation and Physical Modeling
Qingsong Li, Lunar and Planetary Institute; Mian Liu, Univ of Missouri-Columbia; Huai Zhang, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
10:00 AM
Deformation History of the Garlock Fault, Eastern California
J. Douglas Walker, University of Kansas; Francis C. Monastero, Magma Energy Corp; Eric Kirby, Penn State Univ; William Rittase, University of Kansas; Zachary Casey, University of Kansas
11:00 AM
Numerical and Analog Models of the Evolution of the San Andreas Fault through the San Gorgonio Knot
Laura Dair, Univ of Massachusetts; Michele Cooke, Univ of Massachusetts; Mario Del Castello, Univ of Massachusetts
11:15 AM
Comparing Geologic and Geodetic Patterns of Deformation across the San Andreas Fault System in Central California
Mark Dyson, Carleton College; Sarah Titus, Carleton College; Charles DeMets, University of Wisconson - Madison; Basil Tikoff, University of Wisconsin Madison
11:30 AM
Preliminary Apatite (U-Th)/he Thermochronology of the Eastern Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Blocks, Peninsular Ranges, Southern California
Amy Luther, New Mexico Institute of Technology; Gary Axen, New Mexico Tech; Daniel Stockli, University of Kansas; Shari Kelley, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology; Marty Grove, Stanford University
11:45 AM
Quantifying Strain across a Paleotransform Fault Using Incremental Deformation, Bogota Peninsula, New Caledonia
Sarah Titus, Carleton College; Joshua R. Davis, Carleton College; Eric C. Ferre, Southern Illinois Univ at Carbondale; Basil Tikoff, University of Wisconsin Madison
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