184 Models of Folding and Structural History of Shale Basins

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Monday, 6 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 330A

John H. Shaw , Stuart Hardy , Chris A. Guzofski , David D. Pollard , Julia F. W. Gale and Terry Engelder
8:00 AM
Controls of Folding on Different Scales In Multilayered Rocks
Susan H. Treagus, University of Manchester; Raymond C. Fletcher, Pennsylvania State University
8:15 AM
Wavelength Selection In 3-D Decollement Folds of the Appalachian Plateau Province with Estimates of Rheological Parameters
Raymond C. Fletcher, The Pennsylvania State University; Jo-Ann Sherwin, Idaho State University
8:30 AM
New Excess-Area VS. Depth to Detachment and Geometric Models with Applications to Deepwater, Western Gulf of Mexico, USA
Troy Waller II, Hess Corporation; John Spang, Texas A&M University; Bill Kilsdonk, Hess Corporation
8:45 AM
Application of Bezier Splines to the Analysis of Folds
Gwyneth Hughes, Stanford University; Michael A. Cardiff, Stanford University; Steven Wojtal
9:00 AM
Three-Dimensional Modelling of Sant Corneli Anticline (Spain) Using a Hybrid-Geometric/geomechanical Approach
J. Ryan Shackleton, Univ of Massachusetts; Michele L. Cooke, Univ of Massachusetts; Graham Seed, Midland Valley Exploration, Ltd; Mike Krus, Midland Valley Exploration, Ltd; Alan Gibbs, Midland Valley Exploration, Ltd
9:15 AM
Finite Element Modeling of Bedding Surface Slip and Fracture Evolution during Asymmetric Folding
Pablo F. Sanz, Stanford University; David D. Pollard, Stanford University; Patricia F. Allwardt, ConocoPhillips Subsurface Technology; Ronaldo I. Borja, Stanford University
9:30 AM
9:45 AM
Investigating the Mechanics of Fault-Bend Folding with the Discrete Element Method
Nathan P. Benesh, Harvard University; Andreas Plesch, Harvard Univ; John H. Shaw, Harvard University
10:00 AM
Evaluating 3D Finite Element–Based Structural Restoration Methods through Applications to Discrete Element Forward Models and Natural Examples
Andreas Plesch, Harvard Univ; Nathan Benesh, Harvard Univ; Chris Guzofski; John H. Shaw, Harvard University
10:45 AM
Pyrite Laminae In Black Shale - An Additional Source of Permeability In Unconventional Reservoirs
Gary G. Lash, SUNY Fredonia; Terry Engelder, The Pennsylvania State University
11:00 AM
Prospecting for Shale Gas
Kent A. Bowker, Bowker Petroleum, LLC
11:30 AM
Fault Controls on Devonian Black Shales In the Northern Appalachian Foreland Basin
Gerald J. Smith, Nornew, Inc; Robert D. Jacobi, Nornew, Inc; Jodi L. Seever, University of Buffalo; Stuart Loewenstein, Nornew, Inc
11:45 AM
Faulting and Fracture Heterogeneity In Black Shales of the Appalachian Basin of New York State
Robert D. Jacobi, Nornew; Paul A. Agle, University at Buffalo; Gerald Smith, Nornew; Courtney Lugert, New York State Museum; Jodi Seever, University at Buffalo; Gareth Cross, University of Texas at Austin; Stu Loewenstein, Nornew
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