136 Isotopic Tracers in Deep Groundwater Basins

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Sunday, 5 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 352DEF

Jean E. Moran and Glen Snyder
8:00 AM
Use of Chemical and Isotopic Data to Improve Conceptualization of Groundwater Flow: Lessons from the Middle Rio Grande Basin, NM
L. Niel Plummer, U. S. Geological Survey; Laura Bexfield, U.S. Geological Survey; Scott K. Anderholm, U.S. Geological Survey; Ward E. Sanford, U. S. Geological Survey; Eurybiades Busenberg, U. S. Geological Survey
8:20 AM
Additional Information Provided from the Analyses of Stable Chlorine and Bromine Isotopes in Formation Fluids from Sedimentary Basins
Shaun Frape, University of Waterloo; Orfan Shouakar-Stash, University of Waterloo; Randy Stotler, University of Waterloo; Laura Kennell, University of Waterloo; Ben J. Rostron, Univ of Alberta
8:40 AM
Tracing Fluid Migration Via Stable Isotopes within the Mississippian Aquifers in the Williston Basin, Canada-U.S.a
Gavin K.S. Jensen, Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources; Ben J. Rostron, University of Alberta
8:55 AM
Isotopic Tracers (Ra, Sr, O, H) for Elucidating the Sources of High Naturally Occurring Radioactive Groundwater from the Disi Aquifer, Jordan
Avner Vengosh, Duke University; Daniella Hirschfeld, Duke University; David S. Vinson, Duke University; Omar Rimawi, Al-Balqa' Applied University; Abdallah Al Zoubi, Al-Balqa' Applied University; Amer Marie, Al Quds Univ; Jiwchar Ganor, Ben Gurion University; Gary Dwyer, Duke University
9:10 AM
Evaluation of Groundwater Flow Paths and Travel Times in Frenchman Flat Using Carbon-14 and Other Geochemical Indicators
Edward Kwicklis, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Irene Farnham, Southern Nevada Water Authority; Nicole DeNovio, Golder Associates, Inc; Gregory Ruskauff, Stoller-Navarro Joint Venture/INTERA
9:40 AM
Preservation of Paleoisotopic Record of Hydrologic History In Aquifer Systems
Alan R. Dutton, The University of Texas at San Antonio
9:55 AM
The Role of Stable Bromine Stable Isotopes in Determining the Origin and Evolution Model of the Abu Dhabi Costal Sabkha (UAE)
Orfan Shouakar-Stash, Univ of Waterloo; Warren Wood, Michigan State University; Shaun Frape, University of Waterloo
10:10 AM
Iodine-129 of Appalachian Basin Brines: Implications for Microbial Fractionation and Fluid Migration
Stephen Osborn, University of Arizona; Jennifer McIntosh, University of Arizona
10:25 AM
Fluid Transport In Fore Arc Basins at Active Margins: Evidence from I-129 and Halogen Data
Udo Fehn, Univ. of Rochester; Zunli Lu, University of Oxford
10:40 AM
Residence Times of Brines in the Alberta Basin, Canada
Ipsita Gupta, University of South Carolina; Alicia M. Wilson, Univ of South Carolina
10:55 AM
Geochemical Studies of Groundwater Recharge in the Upper Yakima River Basin, Washington
Carey A. Gazis, Central Washington Univ; Sarah A. Taylor, Central Washington Univ
11:10 AM
Use of Atmospherically Derived Dissolved Gases and Tritium to Characterize Ground-Water Flow In the Arbuckle- Simpson Aquifer
Andrew G. Hunt, U.S. Geological Survey; Scott C. Christenson, U.S. Geologic Survey; David L. Parkhurst, U.S. Geological Survey
11:25 AM
Application of Atmospheric Noble Gases In Deep Michigan Basin Brines as Natural Tracers for a Past Thermal Event
Lin Ma, University of Michigan; Maria Clara Castro, University of Michigan; Chris M. Hall, University of Michigan
11:40 AM
Deep Groundwater Signatures in a Shallow Aquifer System, Sonoma Valley, California
Steven F. Carle, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Jean E. Moran, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Brad K. Esser, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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