326 Geochemical and Geoarchaeological Analysis of Shell Middens: Climate, Ecology, and Culture

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Wednesday, 8 October 2008: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 330A

C. Fred T. Andrus and Bernd Schöne
1:30 PM
Non-Invasive Geoarchaeology of Middens
Daniel F. Belknap, University of Maine
1:50 PM
Seasonal Climate Records Preserved In Limpet Shells (Patella vulgata) from Bronze Age, Neolithic, and Viking Shell Middens, Scotland, UK
Donna Surge, University of North Carolina; James H. Barrett, University of Cambridge; Nicky Milner, University of York; Steven Mithen, University of Reading
2:10 PM
2:30 PM
2:45 PM
Minor Element and Stable Isotope Records In Freshwater Bivalve Shells from a 2,000 Year Old Midden, South Carolina
M. Carroll, Northern Illinois University; Christopher S. Romanek, University of Georgia; Keith Stephenson, South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology; Adam King, South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology
3:00 PM
Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Compositions of Land Snail Shells from ~8ka B.P. Archeological Sites in Interior Algeria
Meredith Faber, Southern Methodist University; Crayton J. Yapp, Southern Methodist University; David Lubell, University of Waterloo
3:15 PM
3:30 PM
ESR Analyses with Barnacles: A New Method for Dating Shell Middens and Sealevel Changes
Bonnie A.B. Blackwell, Williams College; Jane J.J. Gong; Joel I.B. Blickstein, RFK Sci Rsch Institute; Andree Blais-Stevens; Anne R. Skinner, Williams College; Robert E. Nelson, Colby College
3:45 PM
Reporting Marine Reservoir Ages in a Variable-Upwelling Environment
Kevin B. Jones, University of Arizona; Gregory W.L. Hodgins, University of Arizona; Miguel F. Etayo-Cadavid, The University of Alabama; C. Fred T. Andrus, University of Alabama
4:00 PM
High-Resolution Elemental Analysis In Mollusks as Proxy for Upwelling
Miguel F. Etayo-Cadavid, The University of Alabama; C. Fred T. Andrus, University of Alabama; Gregory W.L. Hodgins, University of Arizona
4:15 PM
Mid-Holocene Climate Variability and Coastal Upwelling: Geochemical Evidence from Mytilus Californianus
Kelsey A. Dyck, University of California Santa Cruz; Paul Koch, University of California Santa Cruz; Stephen A. Schellenberg, San Diego State University; Heather Ford, University of California Santa Cruz
4:30 PM
Reconstructing Holocene Kelp Ecosystems through Stable Isotope Analysis of Archaeological Shell Material
Mark T. Clementz, University of Wyoming; Michael H. Graham, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories; Jon M. Erlandson, Univ of Oregon
4:45 PM
Life History Traits of the Bivalve Mollusk Saxidomus Gigantea from the Coast of British Columbia: Insights for Paleoclimate and Archaeological Applications
Nadine Meier, University of Mainz; Meghan Burchell, McMaster University; Bernd R. Schoene, University of Mainz; David Maxwell, Statistical Research Inc
5:00 PM
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