214 Analog Sites and Field Exercises for Training Planetary Field Geologists

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Monday, 6 October 2008: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 310AD

W. Brent Garry and Jacob E. Bleacher
1:30 PM
Exploration System Mission Directorate and Constellation Program Support for Analogue Missions
Douglas A. Craig, National Aeronautics and Space Administration; Stephen J. Hoffman, Science Applications International Corporation
1:45 PM
The "Holey Tour," Arizona Planetary Geology Field Trip
Ronald Greeley, Arizona State University
2:15 PM
NASA Volcanology Field Workshops on Hawai'i Island
Scott K. Rowland, University of Hawai'i; Peter J. Mouginis-Mark, University of Hawai'i; Sarah A. Fagents, University of Hawai'i
2:30 PM
Spaceward Bound: A Field School for Exploration and Science Training of the Next Generation
Heather Smith, Utah State University; M. Battler; J. Heldmann, NASA Ames Research Center; J.C. Rask, NASA Ames Research Center; C.P. McKay, NASA Ames Research Center
2:45 PM
A Geologic Processes Course for Planetary Scientists
Nicholas P. Lang, University of Tennessee; Christopher M. Fedo, University of Tennessee; S. Christopher Whisner, University of Tennessee
3:00 PM
Geology Training of Astronauts Prior to Apollo Crew Selection
David S. McKay, NASA Johnson Space Ctr
3:15 PM
Sudbury Structure: An Analog Site for Past Lunar Geologists and Future Planetary Scientists
Paul D. Lowman Jr, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Jacob E. Bleacher, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Bevan M. French, Smithsonian Institution
3:30 PM
Fieldwork at Lonar Crater, India: Analog for Lunar Impact Sites Emplaced into Basaltic Target Rocks
Shawn P. Wright, Arizona State University; Horton Newsom, University of New Mexico
3:45 PM
Field Exercises in the Pinacate Volcanic Field, Mexico: An Analog for Planetary Volcanism
David A. Williams, Arizona State University; Ronald Greeley, Arizona State University; Sarah A. Fagents, University of Hawaii; John F. McHone, Arizona State University
4:00 PM
Field Exercises at the McCartys Flow, New Mexico: An Analog Site for Inflated Lava Flows on the Moon and Mars
Brent Garry, Smithsonian Institution; Jacob E. Bleacher, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; James R. Zimbelman, Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum; William J. Clancey, NASA Ames Research Center
4:15 PM
NEEMO - NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations
Mary Sue Bell; Bill Todd; Marcum Reagan; Monika Schultz
4:30 PM
The Wickersham Wall as a dramatic analog site for lunar exploration
Chuck Meyer, NASA Johnson Space Ctn; Tyson Bradley, Exum Utah Mountain Adventures
4:45 PM
Field Investigation of Pluvial Features in Surprise Valley as Analogs for Pluvial Landforms on Mars
James R. Zimbelman, Smithsonian Institution; Brent Garry, Smithsonian Institution; Rossman P. Irwin III, Smithsonian Institution
5:00 PM
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