284 From Mud to Mudrock: Use of Modern Depositional Settings as Analogs for the Interpretation of Ancient Mudrocks

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Wednesday, 8 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 332BE

Anna M. Cruse
8:00 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:15 AM
Trace Metal-Organic Interactions In Sediments and the Preservation of Paleoredox Proxies
Anna M. Cruse, Oklahoma State University; Timothy W. Lyons, University of California; Robyn Hannigan, Arkansas State Univ
8:30 AM
Geochemical Investigation of Rocks from the Argillaceous Rock Atlas
Evan Blumberg, St. Lawrence University; Jeffrey R. Chiarenzelli, St. Lawrence University
8:45 AM
Nitrogen Isotopes as a Paleoredox Proxy: Co-Variation of Nitrogen Isotopes and Redox States through Glacial-Interglacial Cycles in the Black Sea
Tracy M. Quan, Rutgers University; James D. Wright, Rutgers University; Paul G. Falkowski, Rutgers Universtiy
9:05 AM
Facies and Depositional Setting of Eau Claire Formation (Cambrian) Mudstones in Northwestern Indiana
Zalmai Yawar, Indiana University; Juergen Schieber, Indiana Univ
9:40 AM
Testing the “Sulfide Buffer/Phosphorus Trap Hypothesis” Using Anoxic Coastal Sediments from Cape Lookout Bight (North Carolina Outer Banks)
Bo He, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill; Stephen Meyers, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill; Marc Alperin, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
9:55 AM
10:10 AM
The Role of Organic Carbon and Phosphorus in the Fixation of Uranium in Mudrocks
Mindi J. Parsell, Oklahoma State University; Anna Cruse, Oklahoma State University
10:25 AM
Elemental Chemical Zonation of Black Shales Revisited--Application to Petroleum Source Rocks
Pat Wilde, Pangloss Foundation; Mary Quinby-Hunt, Pangloss Foundation
10:40 AM
Fluvial Avulsions and the Mudrock Sandwich: Interpreting Successions of Mudrock and Coal in Alluvial Settings
K. Sian Davies-Vollum, University of Washington-Tacoma; Norman D. Smith, University of Nebraska
10:55 AM
Developing a Modern Lake Geochemical Model for Interpreting Marine from Nonmarine Deposition on Early Earth
William Gilhooly, University of California; Timothy Lyons, University of California; Chris Reinhard, University of California; Gordon Love, University of California
11:15 AM
Geochemical Constraints on the Depositional Environment of the Barnett Formation, Permian Basin, West Texas, USA
James Douglas Stucker, University of Kentucky; Harry Rowe, University of Kentucky; Susan Rimmer, University of Kentucky; Stephen Ruppel, The University of Texas at Austin; Robert Loucks, The University of Texas at Austin
11:30 AM
Terrestrial Control on Organic Carbon Burial in Late Cretaceous Tropical Atlantic Black Shale (OAE 3) by Clay Mineral Surfaces
Martin Kennedy, University of California, Riverside; Thomas Wagner, University of Newcastle upon Tyne; Thomas Bristow, University of California, Riverside; Keith Morrison, University of California, Riverside
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