151 Lake Cores: Climate Change and Tectonics (Posters)

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Sunday, 5 October 2008: 8:00 AM-4:45 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E

Kevin M. Bohacs and Elizabeth H. Gierlowski-Kordesch
Poster #217
Geochemical Signatures from Surface and Core Sediments, Tejocotal Reservoir, Hidalgo, Mexico. A Study on Environmental and Climatic Factors
M.P. Jonathan, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo; Denise Margarita Rivera Rivera, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo
Poster #218
Geochronology of Playas Lake, Southwestern New Mexico
Andrew L. Kowler, University of Arizona
Poster #220
Paleotemperatures through the Younger Dryas Interval at Glovers Pond, Northern N J, Derived from Fossil Chironomidae
J. Mark Erickson, St. Lawrence Univ; Kate D. Zubin-Stathopoulos, University of Calgary; Maggie J. Simmons, University of Kansas
Poster #221
Solar Activity and Summer Wind Regimes for the Past 9500 Years as Inferred by Diatoms in Lake Du Sommet, Southern Quebec, CA
Sonja Hausmann, University of Arkansas; Falko Fye, University of Arkansas; Reinhard Pienitz, Université Laval; Guillaume St-Onge, University of Quebec at Rimouski
Poster #222
Poster #223
Poster #224
Testing for the 14C Reservoir Effect in Submerged Aquatic Macrophytes: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of 14C Dating Plant Macrofossils
Catherine H. Yansa, Michigan State University; Thomas W. Stafford Jr; David Long, Michigan State University; Sarah Hession, Michigan State University
Poster #226
Holocene History of Bison Lake, White River Plateau, Colorado Based on Seismic Reflection Profiles and XRF Elemental Data
Marian Kramer, Large Lakes Observatory; Lesleigh Anderson, U.S. Geological Survey; Erik Brown, Large Lakes Observatory; Steven Colman, Large Lakes Observatory
Poster #227
A multiproxy record of climate and vegetation change in Alaska's Copper River Basin following deglaciation
Grant Shimer, Univ of Alaska Fairbanks; Sarah J. Fowell, Univ of Alaska Fairbanks; Nancy H. Bigelow, Univ of Alaska Fairbanks; John Jangala, Bureau of Land Management, Glennallen Field Office; Matthew J. Wooller, Univ of Alaska Fairbanks; Kenneth P. Severin, Univ of Alaska Fairbanks; Rainer Newberry, Univ of Alaska Fairbanks; Andrea Krumhardt, Univ of Alaska Fairbanks
Poster #228
The Deglaciation History of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet as Recorded in Sediments of Flathead Lake, Montana
Michael H. Hofmann, ConocoPhillips; Marc S. Hendrix, The University of Montana; Michael Sperazza, Stony Brook South Hampton
Poster #229
Evaluation of Grain Size as a Paleoclimate Proxy for Lake Level Change or Precipitation in a Large Lacustrine System: Flathead Lake, Montana
Michael Sperazza, Stony Brook South Hampton; Michael Hofmann, ConocoPhillips; Marc Hendrix, University of Montana; Johnnie Moore, University of Montana
Poster #230
Paleolimnologic Study of Redpath Lake, North Island, New Zealand
Joseph E. Carrasco Jr, California State University, Northridge; Kathleen M. Marsaglia, California State University, Northridge; Mike Marden, California State University, Northridge; Matthew E. Kirby, California State University, Fullerton; Wayne G. Henderson, California State University, Fullerton
Poster #231
Sedimentologic and Stratigraphic Investigations into the Origin and Fill History of a Tertiary Sinkhole Lake: Gray Fossil Site, TN
Cynthia M. Liutkus, Appalachian State University; Michael J. Whitelaw, East Tennessee State University
Poster #233
Lacustrine and Playa Facies in the Early Jurassic East Berlin Formation Exposed in the Dinosaur State Park Core, Hartford Basin, Connecticut
Justin Milardo, Eastern Connecticut State University; Peter Drzewiecki, Eastern Connecticut State University
Poster #234
New Dynamic Classification of Lake Systems and Their Geological Records
Paul E. Olsen, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
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