218 Groundwater Flow in Coastal Ecosystems

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Monday, 6 October 2008: 1:30 PM-5:30 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 342AD

Alicia M. Wilson and William P. Anderson Jr
1:30 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:45 PM
Processes Controlling Submarine Groundwater Discharge: Examples from Florida, Brazil, and Norway
Jaye E. Cable, Louisiana State University; Thomas Stieglitz, James Cook University; Jonathan B. Martin, University of Florida
2:00 PM
Reactive Transport Modeling of Fe Flux in the Seepage Face of Indian River Lagoon, Florida
Moutusi Roy, University of Florida; Jonathan Martin, University of Florida; Jaye Cable, Louisiana State University; Christopher Smith, Louisiana State University; Jennifer Cherrier, Florida A&M University
2:15 PM
Contrasting Conditions of Coastal Groundwater Discharge in Two Long Island Estuaries
John F. Bratton, U.S. Geological Survey; John Crusius, U.S. Geological Survey; Kevin Kroeger, U.S. Geological Survey; Ruth Coffey, State Univ of New York; Henry Bokuniewicz, State Univ of New York; VeeAnn Cross, U.S. Geological Survey; Charles Worley, U.S. Geological Survey; Adrian Green, U.S. Geological Survey; Michael Casso, U.S. Geological Survey; and Laura Erban Sandra Baldwin, U.S. Geological Survey
2:30 PM
Stratigraphically Controlled Freshwater Lens Development in a Barrier Island, Padre Island, Texas
Robert P. Schulz, Texas A&M Corpus Christi; Egon T. Weber II, Texas A&M Corpus Christi; James R. Garrison Jr, Texas A&M Univesity - Corpus Christi
2:45 PM
Role of Interannual Climate Oscillations on Coastal Groundwater Conditions in North Carolina
William P. Anderson Jr, Appalachian State University; Ryan E. Emanuel, Appalachian State University
3:00 PM
Modeling Saltwater Intrusion in a Migrating Barrier Island
Swagata Guha, Univeristy of South Florida; Mark Stewart, Univeristy of South Florida
3:15 PM
Constraining Denitrification in Permeable Wave-Influenced Marine Sediment Using Linked Hydrodynamic and Biogeochemical Modeling
M. Bayani Cardenas, The University of Texas at Austin; Perran L.M. Cook, Monash University; Houshuo Jiang, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Peter Traykovski, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
3:30 PM
3:45 PM
The Role of Groundwater Flow in Salt Marsh Ecology
Leonard Robert Gardner, Univ of South Carolina
4:00 PM
Relation of Intertidal Salt Marsh Ecosystem Structure to Surficial Fluid and Solute Exchange
Kevan B. Moffett, Stanford University; David Robinson, University of the West Indies; Steven M. Gorelick, Stanford University
4:20 PM
Salt Marsh Groundwater Dynamics: North Inlet Salt Marsh, Georgetown, South Carolina
Andrea L. Hougham, University of South Carolina; Alicia M. Wilson, Univ of South Carolina
4:35 PM
Pore Water Exchange and Nutrient and Trace Metals Fluxes In a New England Salt Marsh
Henrieta Dulaiova, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Carolyn Ruppel, U.S. Geological Survey; Elena chung, University of Maryland; Meagan Gonneea, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Paul Henderson, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Matthew Charette, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
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