347 Roles of Speciation and Molecular Structure in Soil Processes

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Thursday, 9 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 310BE

Owen Duckworth and Alan Stone
8:00 AM
Molecular Modeling of Surface Complexes
James Kubicki, The Pennsylvania State University
8:15 AM
8:30 AM
Mechanisms of Uranium Reduction In the Subsurface
Baolin Deng, University of Missouri-Columbia; Bin Hua, University of Missouri-Columbia
9:25 AM
Chelating Agent Structure-Reactivity Relationships Pertaining to Metal Ion Uptake by Grasses
Alan Stone, Johns Hopkins University; Nathan E. Boland, Johns Hopkins University; Rufus L. Chaney, USDA-ARS
9:40 AM
Sorption of Iron from Siderophore Complexes by Mn Oxides
Owen Duckworth, NCSU; John R. Bargar, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory; Garrison Sposito, University of California-Berkeley
9:55 AM
Dissolved Organic Carbon in High Arctic Soil Water: The Influence of Periglacial Features and Ecology on Chemical Structure
Thomas J. Kennell, University of Washington; Ronald Sletten, Univ of Washington; Birgit Hagedorn, University of Alaska Anchorage
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