161 Structural Geology / Tectonics / Neotectonics/Paleoseismology I

Oral Session
General Discipline Sessions
Sunday, 5 October 2008: 1:30 PM-4:45 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 322AB

Roberto S. Molina-Garza , Richard M. Engelkemeir and Steven J. Whitmeyer
1:30 PM
Timing of Tectonic Juxtaposition of the Bourne and Greenhorn Subterranes, Baker Terrane, NE Oregon
Joshua J. Schwartz, University of Alabama; Arthur Snoke, Univ. of Wyoming
2:00 PM
Movement along Shear Zones of the Northwestern Superior Boundary Zone
Yvette D. Kuiper, Boston College; Shoufa Lin, University of Waterloo; Christian O. Bohm, Geological Survey
2:15 PM
Kinematic Vorticity of Brevard Fault Zone Mylonite, South Carolina
Ching Tu, The University of Tennessee-Knoxville; Robert D. Hatcher Jr, The University of Tennessee-Knoxville; Micah J. Jessup, The University of Tennessee-Knoxville
2:30 PM
Deformation of Late Miocene Plutons along the Tonalá Shear Zone: A Relict Plate Boundary in the Eastern Tehuantepec Region
Roberto S. Molina-Garza, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; Tim Wawrzyniec, Univ of New Mexico; Alexander Iriondo, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; John Geissman, University of New Mexico; Scott Muggleton, Univ of New Mexico
2:45 PM
Rapid Emplacement of the Mcdoogle Pluton into the Sawmill Lake Shear Zone, Sierra Nevada, California
Michael Stearns, University of Utah; John M. Bartley, Univ. of Utah; Drew S. Coleman, Univ of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
3:00 PM
Lacunarity Analysis of Fracture Networks
Ankur Roy, University of Tennessee; Edmund Perfect, University of Tennessee; William Dunne, University of Tennessee; Noelle Odling, University of Leeds
3:15 PM
Improving Statistical Predictions of Subseismic Faults
John G. Solum, Shell International Exploration and Production; S.J. Naruk, Shell International E&P; W.F. Dula, Shell International E&P
3:30 PM
Fault Frequency, Strain, and Subseismic Fault Prediction
Alan Paul Morris, Southwest Research Institute; David A. Ferrill, Southwest Research Institute; Ronald N. McGinnis Jr, Southwest Research Institute
3:45 PM
Characterizing Houston Surface Faults with DEMs and Other GIS Data
Richard M. Engelkemeir, Schlumberger Information Solutions
4:00 PM
Photogrammetric 3D Mapping of the Permian Reef, NM and TX, USA
George Bennum, Wesleyan University; Phillip Resor, Wesleyan University; Eric A. Flodin, Chevron Energy Technology Company; Jeremy Fairbanks, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
4:15 PM
Large-Scale Emergent Cross Sections of Crustal Structures In Google Earth
Steven J. Whitmeyer, James Madison University; Declan G. De Paor, Old Dominion University