195 Planetary Geology (Posters)

Poster Session
General Discipline Sessions
Monday, 6 October 2008: 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E

Poster #101
Identification of Microorganisms in Lunar and Mars Simulant Soils
Josie Nava, University of Houston-Downtown; Marium Waqar; Dipal Patel, University of Houston-Downtown; Elizabeth Garza; Claudia Mendez; Penny Morris, University of Houston-Downtown; Carl Allen, Johnson Space Center; Poonam Gulati, University of Houston-Downtown
Poster #102
Mapping Mineralogy and Mineral Chemistry of the Moon
Paul G. Lucey; Joshua Cahill, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Poster #103
Volcanic Surface Coatings on Apollo 15 Green Pyroclastic Glass Beads
Susan J. Wentworth, ERC/ESCG; D.S. McKay, NASA/JSC; K.L. Thomas-Keprta, NASA/JSC; Simon J. Clemett, ERC/ESCG
Poster #104
The Handlens Atlas: A Terrestrial Image Library of Microscale Structures as Analogues for Mars
R. Aileen Yingst, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay; Rachel C.F. Lentz, University of Hawai'i; Mariek Schmidt, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History; Matthew J. Christman, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay; Ruben Behnke, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay; Zachary Christman, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Poster #105
Sampling Strategy for a Possible Mars Sample Return Mission
Gian Gabriele Ori, IRSPS; David W. Beaty, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology; Carlton Allen, NASA Johnson Space Ctr; iMARS Team
Poster #106
Evidence of Very Recent, Very Late Amazonian Periglacial & Glacial Processes in Utopia and Northwest Elysium Planitiae, Mars
Richard J. Soare, Concordia University; Geoffrey D. Pearce, University of Western Ontario; David P. Page, The Open University
Poster #107
Pingos on Earth and Mars: Morphology and Geographic Distribution
Devon M. Burr, University of Tennessee; Kenneth L. Tanaka, USGS Astrogeology Team; Kenji Yoshikawa, Institute of Northern Engineering
Poster #108
Catastrophic Karst-Like Subsidence of Hebes Chasma, Mars
Alan R. Gillespie, University of Washington; John B. Adams; Martin P.A. Jackson, University of Texas; David Montgomery, University of Washington; Timothy P. Dooley, University of Texas
Poster #109
Estimating Duration of Diagenesis at Meridiani Planum from Jarosite Dissolution Rates
Megan E. Elwood Madden, University of Oklahoma; Andrew Madden, University of Oklahoma; J. Donald Rimstidt, Virginia Tech
Poster #110
The Layered Units, Sinus Meridiani, Mars, and the Fluvial Megafan Analog
M. Justin Wilkinson, NASA/Johnson Space Center; Mark R. Salvatore, Brown University; Robert R.J. Mohler, Lockheed Martin Mission Services
Poster #111
Lacustrine Sedimentary Rocks from An Alkaline Environment in Becquerel Crater, Arabia Terra, Mars
James Crowley, U. S. Geological Survey; Simon Hook, JPL; Nathan Bridges, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Bradley Thomson, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Alice Baldridge, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Adrian Brown, SETI Institute; Carlos Roberto de Souza Filho, University of Campinas; Giles Marion, Desert Research Institute; Jeffrey Kargel, University of Arizona
Poster #112
Pervasive Aqueous Paleoflow Features in the Aeolis/Zephyria Plana Region, Mars
Devon M. Burr, University of Tennessee; Marie-Terese Enga, Northern Arizona University; Rebecca M. E. Williams, Planetary Science Institute; James R. Zimbelman, Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum; Alan D. Howard, Univ Virginia; Tracy A. Brennand, Simon Fraser University
Poster #113
Paleoflood-Generating Mechanisms on Earth, Mars, and Titan
Devon M. Burr, University of Tennessee
Poster #114
The Lakes of Titan
Karl L. Mitchell, California Institute of Technology Jet Propulsion Laboratory; the Cassini Radar Team, California Institute of Technology Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Poster #115
The Dunes of Titan
Jason W. Barnes, University of Idaho
Poster #116
The Mountains of Titan
Jani Radebaugh, Brigham Young University
Poster #117
Laboratory Measurements of Resistance to Fluvial Incision in Polycrystalline Water-Ice Under Titan Conditions
Peter J. Polito, San Francisco State University; Beth R. Zygielbaum, San Francisco State University; Leonard S. Sklar, San Francisco State University; Geoff C. Collins, Wheaton College
Poster #118
Concept for a Mission to Titan, Saturn System and Enceladus
Kim R. Reh, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Patricia M. Beauchamp, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; John O. Elliott, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Poster #119
Saharan Dust Devil Tracks: Mars Analog Field Study Areas
Lynn D.V. Neakrase, Arizona State University; J. McHone, Arizona State University; P. Whelley, University of Buffalo; R. Greeley, Arizona State University