193 Mineralogy/Crystallography; Petrology, Experimental; Igneous; Metamorphic (Posters)

Poster Session
General Discipline Sessions
Monday, 6 October 2008: 8:00 AM-6:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E

Poster #38
Adakitic magmas : amphibole composition and geobarometric constraints
Julia Marie Ribeiro-Lauret, UBO/IUEM - CNRS; Mathieu Benoit, UBO/IUEM-CNRS; René C. Maury, UBO/IUEM-CNRS
Poster #39
Petrologic and Geochemical Analysis of Sierra Cuchillo Laccolith, Sierra County, New Mexico
Gary S. Michelfelder, New Mexico State Universty; Nancy J. McMillan, New Mexico State University
Poster #40
Poster #41
Using a Ti-in-Zircon Thermometer to Determine Crystallization in a Granite and Eruption in a Coeval Silicic Tuff
Sarah K. Needy, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; Andrew P. Barth, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; Joseph L. Wooden, USGS-Stanford Ion Microprobe Laboratory, Stanford University; Frank K. Mazdab, USGS-Stanford Ion Microprobe Facility
Poster #42
A Stable Isotopic Study of Mid-Proterozoic Granites of the Llano Uplift, Central Texas
Evelyn Rangel, Southern Methodist University; Robert Gregory, Southern Methodist University; Ian Richards, Southern Methodist University; Kurt Ferguson, Southern Methodist University
Poster #43
Provenance Studies of Santa Fe Group Volcaniclastic Sedimentary Rocks in the San Luis Basin, Colorado: A Guide to Basin Evolution
Corine K. Armstrong, Louisiana State University; Barbara L. Dutrow, Louisiana State University; Darrell J. Henry, Louisiana State University; Ren A. Thompson, USGS
Poster #44
Geochemical Evidence for Incremental Emplacement of Palms Pluton, Southern California
Jennifer L. Roell, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; Joseph L. Wooden, USGS-Stanford Ion Microprobe Laboratory, Stanford University; Fank K. Mazdab, USGS-Stanford Ion Microprobe Facility; Andrew P. Barth, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; Scott R. Paterson, University of Southern California; Sarah K. Needy, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Poster #46
Caledonian Magmatism in Norway: The Long-Lived Bindal Batholith through Time
Calvin G. Barnes, Texas Tech; Oystein Nordgulen, Norwegian Geol Survey; Wayne Marko, Texas Tech; Carol D. Frost, University of Wyoming; Aaron S. Yoshinobu, Texas Tech Univ
Poster #47
Geology and Petrogenetic Constraints of a Peraluminous Biotite Granite, North-Central Norway
Jeffrey Oalmann, Texas Tech University; Cal Barnes, Texas Tech University; Wayne Marko, Texas Tech University
Poster #48
Magma Emplacement and the Development of Ghost Stratigraphy in the Andalshatten Pluton, Central Norway
Heather S. Anderson, Texas Tech University; Aaron S. Yoshinobu, Texas Tech Univ; Kevin Chamberlain, Univ. of Wyoming; Oystein Nordgulen, Norwegian Geol Survey; Cal Barnes, Texas Tech University
Poster #49
Shear zone control on the emplacement of Malayer granitoid complex, NW Iran
Vahid Ahadnejad, University of Tehran; Mohammad Vali Valizadeh, University of Tehran; Dariush Esmaeily, University of Tehran
Poster #51
The Role of Neogene Magmatism on Alteration Zones and Supergene Enrichment Porphyry Copper In Darreh Zereshk,Yazd-Iran
Azat Eslamizadeh, Islamic University of Bafgh - Iran; Shahram Samanirad, Bafgh University
Poster #52
Volatile Concentrations and Petrogenesis of Silicic Magmas in the Afro-Arabian Flood Volcanic Province in Yemen: A Melt Inclusion Study
Lee Falkena, University of Iowa; David Peate, University of Iowa; Ingrid Ukstins Peate, University of Iowa
Poster #53
Controls of Fluxes and Kinetics on Crystallization of Granitic Liquids at Very Low Temperatures
Peter Nabelek, University of Missouri; Mona-Liza C. Sirbescu, Central Michigan Univ
Poster #54
The Effect of CO2 In S-TYPE Magmas: Its Effect on Fluid Saturation
John R. Holloway, Arizona State Univ; Allan J.R. White, University of Melbourne
Poster #55
Mineralogy and Petrology of Ultramafic Xenoliths from Kharchinsky Volcano, Kamchatka
Reid Mobley, University of South Carolina; Christine Dektor, University of South Carolina; Gene Yogodzinski, University of South Carolina; Tatiana Churikova, Institute of Volcanology and Seismology
Poster #56
A Slow Spreading Ridge with Ultra-Slow Melt Supply Characteristics: The Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 12°-16°N
John F. Casey, University of Houston; Yongjun Gao, University of Houston; Roger C. Searle, Durham University; Christopher MacLeod, Cardiff University; Bramley J. Murton, Southampton Oceanography Centre; Cook 007 Scientific Party R.V. James
Poster #57
Sediment Fusion In the Palisades Sill and Karroo Dolerite: A Comparison
Alan I. Benimoff, The College of Staten Island/CUNY; John H. Puffer, Rutgers University
Poster #58
Igneous Modal Layering in a Jurassic Basaltic Dike-Sill Complex, Southeastern Pennsylvania, USA
LeeAnn Srogi, West Chester University; Tim Lutz, West Chester University; Jacquelyn Dine, West Chester University; Diane Oronzio, West Chester University; Nicole Lynde, West Chester University
Poster #59
Mineralogical Investigation of a 42 Ma Anorthoclase-Rich Dike, Pendleton County, West Virginia
Mark Krekeler, George Mason University; Cynthia A. Kearns, George Mason University; Giuseppina M. Kysar Mattietti, George Mason University; Michael Wise, Smithsonian Institution; Lance Kearns, James Madison University
Poster #60
Veinlette Mineralogy and Chemistry in a Nepheline Syenite Dike, Augusta County, Virginia
Cynthia A. Kearns, George Mason University; Lance E. Kearns, James Madison University; Megghan Fay Oksanen, George Mason University; Ryan Elliott Stewart, George Mason University; Mark Krekeler, George Mason University
Poster #61
Meimechite, Picrite, and Foidite Xenoliths Entrained in Louisiana Salt Diapirs
Minghua Ren, University of Texas at El Paso; Elizabeth Anthony, University of Texas at El Paso; Robert Stern, Univ of Texas at Dallas; Ian Norton, Jackson School of Geosciences; Brian Lock, University of Louisiana Lafayette
Poster #62
Geochemical Investigation of Palygorskite-Rich Units in the Central Yucatan
Giuseppina Kysar Mattietti, George Mason University; Mark Krekeler, George Mason University; Dean E. Arnold, Wheaton College; Hector Neff, California State University Long Beach; Michael D. Glascock, Univ of Missouri; Robert J. Speakman, Univ of Missouri
Poster #63
The Characterization of Radiation Damage with Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD): An Examination of Microlite from the Harding Pegmatite, Taos County, New Mexico, USA
Christopher G. Daniel, Bucknell University; Aubri Jenson, Bucknell University; Joseph Pyle, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Poster #64
Trace and Rare Earth Element Mapping of Megacrystic Zircon Grains Using GIS
Steven A. Braun, Vanderbilt University; Brendan R. Bream, Vanderbilt University; Kathleen D. Bream, Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure
Poster #66
Preliminary Oxygen Isotope Values for Montana Sapphires
Richard B. Berg, Montana Tech of the U. of Montana; Christopher H. Gammons, Montana Tech of The Univ of Montana; Greg B. Arehart, Univ of Nevada, Reno
Poster #67
Investigations of Luminescent and Phosphorescent Calcite from the Middle Ordovician Tumbling Run Section, Strausburg, Virginia, USA
Karine Renaud, George Mason University; Mark P.S. Krekeler, George Mason University; Lance E. Kearns, James Madison University
Poster #68
Combined X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) and X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) Analysis of Strontium and Calcium Phases in An Ammonite
Mike Martin, Rigaku Americas Corporation; Lori Fields, Rigaku Americas Corporation; Frank Gay
Poster #70
Mineralogical Characterization of Manganese Oxide Dendrites Using X-Ray Powder Diffraction – Iron Mountain, Missouri
Laura K.Z. Jones, Indiana University - Bloomington; David L. Bish, Indiana Univ
Poster #71
Basement of the Sierra Madre Oriental in NE Mexico: New field data of the Paleozoic Granjeno Schist in the Cañón de Caballeros area
Sonia Alejandra Torres Sánchez, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon; Juan Alonso Ramirez Fernandez, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon
Poster #72
Crystal-size distributions from numerical simulations of porphyroblast crystallization: Constraints on reactant distribution
Eric D. Kelly, University of Texas at Austin; William D. Carlson, University of Texas at Austin
Poster #73
New Ages Tightly Constrain the Timing of Metamorphic Events In the Swakane Gneiss, Cascades Crystalline Core, WA
Matthew Gatewood, University of Alabama; Harold Stowell, University of Alabama
Poster #74
Evolution of Garnet and Clinopyroxene in UHP Ultramafic Rock, Cuaba Gneiss, Rio San Juan Complex, Dominican Republic
Richard N. Abbott Jr, Appalachian State University; Grenville Draper, Florida International University
Poster #76
Fluid Inclusions Evidence for Fluids Associated with Recrystallization of Quartzites In the EJB Aureole, California
Sarah Stephenson, University of Missouri; Peter Nabelek, University of Missouri; Sven Morgan, Central Michigan Univ
Poster #78
Influence of Salinity on T-X(CO2) Stability of Talc and the Possible Role of Fluid Immiscibility In Development of the Talc Zone, Outer Alta Aureole, Utah
Kristie S. McLin, University of Utah; John R. Bowman, University of Utah; John Kaszuba, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Poster #79
Low-Level Detection of Amphiboles In Talc: Fingerprint Kits as An Example
Charity Noel Summers Taylor, University of Idaho; Mickey E. Gunter, University of Idaho
Poster #80
Mineralogical Characterization of Tailings at the Vermont Asbestos Group Mine, Belvidere Mountain, Northern Vermont
Denise M. Levitan, U.S. Geological Survey; Jane M. Hammarstrom, U.S. Geological Survey; Mickey E. Gunter, University of Idaho; Robert R. Seal II, U.S. Geological Survey; I-Ming Chou, U.S. Geological Survey; Nadine M. Piatak, U.S. Geological Survey