331 Mineralogy/Crystallography; Petrology, Experimental; Igneous; Metamorphic

Oral Session
General Discipline Sessions
Thursday, 9 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 351BE

Aaron S. Yoshinobu and William Evans
8:00 AM
Statistics of 2D Cuts through 3D Fractal Objects, with Application to Xenoliths in Plutons
Allen F. Glazner, Univ. of North Carolina; John M. Bartley, Univ. of Utah
8:15 AM
Determining Relative Magma-Xenolith Rheology during Magmatic Fabric Formation in Plutons: Examples from the Middle and Upper Crust
Aaron S. Yoshinobu, Texas Tech Univ; Jeannette Wolak, Texas Tech Univ; Scott R. Paterson, University of Southern California; Geoff Pignotta, University of Southern California; Heather S. Anderson, Texas Tech Univ
8:30 AM
Paleo-Viscometry of Magma Bodies
Tobias Höink, Rice University; Cin-Ty Lee, Rice Univ; Jessica C. Hawthorne, Princeton; Adrian Lenardic, Rice University
9:00 AM
Volcanic-Plutonic Transition in the Carboniferous Gobi-Tienshan Intrusive Complex, Southern Mongolia
Rita Economos, University of Southern California; Scott Paterson, University of Southern California; Holly MacGillivray, University of Southern California
9:15 AM
Petrological Relationships between Mantle Xenolths and their Host Magmas in the Alkaline Province Mexico
Adalberto Treviño Cazares, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon; Juan Alonso Ramirez Fernandez, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon; Fernando Velasco Tapia, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon
9:30 AM
Pb Isotopes and Trace Elements of the Pinacate Volcanic Field, Northwestern Sonora, Mexico: A Basin and Range Mini-Plume near the EPR Spreading Center
Adam R. Goss, University of Florida; James T. Gutmann, Wesleyan University; Johan C. Varekamp, Wesleyan University; George Kamenov, University of Florida
9:45 AM
Research on the Eastern Mexican Alkaline Province. Facts and Open Questions
Juan Alonso Ramirez Fernandez, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon; Fernando Velasco Tapia, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon; Federico Viera Decida, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon; Maria Teresa Orozco Esquivel, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
10:00 AM
10:15 AM
Decompression Melting of FOZO and FOZO-HIMU Sources by Extensional Focusing, Balcones Igneous Province, Texas
William R. Griffin, University of Texas at Dallas; Robert Stern, U Texas at Dallas; William I. Manton, University of Texas at Dallas; Matthew I. Leybourne, GNS Science; Steven C. Bergman, Shell Exploration R&D
10:30 AM
Petrology of the San Simeon Coast Range Ophiolite, San Simeon, California
Paul Mehring, University of Texas at Austin; Mark Cloos, University of Texas at Austin
10:45 AM
Volatile Evolution in Silicic Magmas of Torfajökull Volcano, as Determined by FTIR Micro-Spectroscopy
Anna Keskula, University of Massachusetts; Sheila Seaman, University of Massachusetts; M. Darby Dyar, Mount Holyoke College
11:00 AM
Gas Sources and Source Volumes at Mammoth Mountain Volcano CA
William C. Evans, U.S. Geological Survey; Chris D. Farrar, U.S. Geological Survey; Andrew G. Hunt, U.S. Geological Survey; B. Mack Kennedy, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
11:15 AM
Removal of Tetracycline from Water by Palygorskite
Po-Hsiang Chang, National Cheng Kung University; Zhaohui Li; Jiin-Shuh Jean, National Cheng Kung University