118 Hydrogeology I - Precipitation, Lakes, Streams, Springs and Wetlands

Oral Session
General Discipline Sessions
Sunday, 5 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 320F

A.E. Springer and Donald I. Siegel
8:00 AM
Environmental Isotopes of Precipitation In West, Central and East MEXICO
Alejandra Cortes, GEOPHYSICS INSTITUTE; Juan Perez-Quezadas, Instituto de Geofisica, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico; Joaquin Perez-Valera, GEOPHYSICS INSTITUTE; Luis Araguas, International Atomic Energy Agency
8:15 AM
Distributed Connectivity Between a Large Lake System and Terrestrial Hydroclimate
Gabriel Bowen, Purdue University; Paul Henne, ETH Zurich; Casey Kennedy, Purdue University
8:45 AM
Post-Restoration Evaluation of Two Urban Streams: Austin, Texas USA
Megan Meier, Texas A&M University; John R. Giardino, Texas A&M University
9:00 AM
Streambed Heterogeneity and Its Effect on the Computation of Streamflow Depletion
Xun-Hong Chen, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Cheng Cheng, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Jinxi Song, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Deming Wang, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Mark Burbach, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Susan Lackey, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
9:15 AM
The Importance of Maintaining a Total System Energy Balance for Predicting Stream Temperatures Using a Fully-Integrated Surface/subsurface Modeling Framework
Andrea E. Brookfield, University of Waterloo; Edward Sudicky, University of Waterloo; Young-Jin Park, University of Waterloo; Brewster Conant Jr, University of Waterloo
9:30 AM
Investigating the Origin and Possible Structural Control of Artesian Springs in the Southeastern Coastal Plain of Georgia
James Reichard, Georgia Southern University; Andrew Fitzner, Georgia Southern University
9:45 AM
10:15 AM
Structural and Lithological Control of a WATER Spring System on the Eastern Flank of Cofre De Perote Volcano, Veracruz, MEXICO
Wendy Morales, Universidad Veracruzana; Rocio Salas, UNAM Mexico; Alejandra Cortes, GEOPHYSICS INSTITUTE; Sergio Rodriguez, Geology Institute, UNAM; Juan Perez-Quezadas, Geophysics Institute, National University of Mexico
10:45 AM
Subaqueous Springs Discovered as Transport Conduits for Saline Groundwater from Depth to a Stream within the Saline Wetlands of Eastern Nebraska
F. Edwin Harvey, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; James M. Gilbert, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Gordon R. Coke, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
11:00 AM
Using Chemistry and Stable Isotopes to Characterize Ground Water Mixing in Eastern Nebraska's Saline Wetlands
James M. Gilbert, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; F. Edwin Harvey, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Gordon R. Coke, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
11:15 AM
Does the HGM Classification of Small, Non-Peat Forming Wetlands Distinguish Wetlands from Surface Water Geochemistry
Donald I. Siegel, Syracuse Univ; Nicholas A. Azzolina, Nano Trace Technologies; James C. Brower, Syracuse Univ; Scott D. Samson, Syracuse University
11:30 AM
Utilizing Computer Simulations to Evaluate Ground-Water Flow Patterns within a Peatland System
Andrew Reeve, Univ of Maine; Zachary Tyczka, Univ of Maine; Xavier Comas, Florida Atlantic University
11:45 AM
Evaluation of Hydraulic Control and Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater through Use of Plant Systems
Y. Eugene Yan, Argonne National Laboratory; Robert A. Sedivy, Argonne National Laboratory; Lorraine M. LaFreniere, Argonne National Laboratory; M. Cristina Negri, Argonne National Laboratory; Steve Gilmore, U.S. Department of Agriculture; Don Steck, U.S. Department of Agriculture