143 Geophysics/Tectonophysics/Seismology (Posters)

Poster Session
General Discipline Sessions
Sunday, 5 October 2008: 8:00 AM-4:45 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E

Poster #47
Establishing Tighter Constraints on the Structural Configuration of Basement Rocks beneath the Alabama Gulf Coastal Plain through Modeling
Amanda M. Savrda, Auburn University; Mark G. Steltenpohl, Auburn University; Lorraine W. Wolf, Auburn University
Poster #48
Overpressure in the Eastern Bengal Basin, and Its Relation to Compressional Tectonics
Muhammad Shahadat Hossain; Ashraf Uddin; Ming-Kuo Lee; Charles E. Savrda; Willis E. Hames; Badrul Imam, University of Dhaka
Poster #49
Controlled Source Audio Magnetotelluric (CSAMT) Geophysical Investigation in the Upper San Pedro Basin, Southeastern Arizona
Katherine E. Anderson, University of Arizona; Jesse E. Dickinson, USGS Arizona; Russell D. Edge, University of Leicester; Jamie P. Macy, USGS Flagstaff; Shoba Maraj, University of Arizona; Ben K. Sternberg, University of Arizona; Phillip J. Stokes, University of Arizona; Sally M. Thurner, University of Arizona
Poster #50
Poster #51
Geoelectrical Imaging of Developing Border Faults of the Okavango Rift Zone (ORZ), NW Botswana: Providing International Research Experience for Students
Kelsey Mosley, Oklahoma State University; Estella Atekwana, Oklahoma State University; Elisha Shemang, University of Botswana; Moikwathai Moidaki, University of Missouri-Rolla; Motsoptse P. Modisi, University of Botswana; Kevin Mickus, Missouri State University; Eliot Atekwana, Oklahoma State University
Poster #52
The Magnetic Properties of the Oppelo Breccia Revealed
William J. Felton; Don R. Owens, University of Arkansas at Little Rock; Haydar J. Al-Shukri, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Poster #53
Seismic Structure of the Crust and Uppermost Mantle of SOUTH AMERICA and Surrounding Oceanic Basins
Gary Chulick, Univ. of Wisconsin- Osh Kosh; Shane Detweiler, USGS; Walter Mooney, USGS
Poster #54
The Role of Fluids in Triggering the 2005 Nias Earthquake Induced by the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake
Kristin L.H. Hughes, University of Alabama; T. Masterlark, University of Alabama
Poster #55
Validation on the Rate of Rupture Propagation of the 2001 Kunlun, China (Ms=8.1) Earthquake from Seismological and Geological Observations
Yi-Ying Wen, National Central University; Kuo-Fong Ma; Teh-Ru Alex Song, Caltech; Walter Mooney, USGS
Poster #56
Rayleigh Wave Tomography of Southeastern Tibet
Yuanyuan V. Fu, Peking University; Aibing Li, University of Houston; Yongshun John Chen, Peking University