222 Geochemistry; Geochemistry, Organic

Oral Session
General Discipline Sessions
Tuesday, 7 October 2008: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 320DE

Amy Kelly , Emily Peterman and Saugata Datta
8:00 AM
NEW Strategies for Finding Natural Gas
Frank Mango, Petroleum Habitats; Daniel Jarvie, Worldwide Geochemistry
8:15 AM
Salinity Biomarkers- Uncommon Steranes from Neoproterozoic Sediments and Oils
Amy Kelly, MIT; Gordon Love, University of California, Riverside; Emmanuelle Grosjean, Geoscience Australia; John E. Zumberge, GeoMark Research, Ltd; Roger Summons, MIT
8:30 AM
Sterane Distributions Record Eukaryotic Community Structure In the Proterozoic
Gordon D. Love, UC Riverside; Chao Li, UC Riverside; Stephen A. Bowden, University of Aberdeen; Charlotte Stalvies, University of Newcastle; Roger E. Summons, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
8:45 AM
Oxygen Isotope Ratios of Syntaxial Quartz Overgrowths In Cambrian Sandstones, Central Wisconsin
Andrew P. Trzaskus, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Noriko T. Kita, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Alan R. Carroll, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Robert H. Dott Jr, University of Wisconsin, Madison; John Valley, University of Wisconsin, Madison
9:00 AM
Chemostratigraphic Correlation of Terminal Neoproterozoic Units from Caborca, Mexico
Sean J. Loyd, University of Southern California; Frank A. Corsetti, Univ of Southern California; James W. Hagadorn, Amherst College; Alan J. Kaufman, University of Maryland; Timothy W. Lyons, University of California; Ariel B. Morales, Amherst College
9:15 AM
Evaluating Fluid Type and GOR in Petroleum Systems Using Headspace Cuttings Gas Data
Gary S. Michelfelder, New Mexico State Universty; T.J. Sadler, New Mexico State Universty; Caitriona Rayne Keegan, Keegan Geochemical Consults AS
9:30 AM
Detailed Clay Mineralogy and Pore Water Geochemistry of Mud and Thermal Measurements from the Vents from Baratang Mud Volcanoes from Andamans, India: Linking Tectonics to Mud Chemistry to Extrusion Mechanism
Saugata Datta, Kansas State University,; Roberta Flemming, University of Western Ontario; Scott E. Schimmel, University of Georgia; Chitta Bhattacharyya, University of Calcutta
9:45 AM
Influences of Alkalinity and pCO2 on CaCO3 Nucleation from Seawater
Janie Lee, Texas A&M University; John W. Morse, Texas A&M University
10:30 AM
K-Feldspar Microtexture and Argon Transport
Matthew T. Heizler, New Mexico Tech; Ian Parsons, University of Edinburgh; Robert E. Sanders, New Mexico Tech; Lynn L. Heizler, New Mexico Tech
10:45 AM
Chemical Abrasion Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry (CA-TIMS) Method Development for Monazite
Emily M. Peterman, University of California; James M. Mattinson, University of California; Bradley R. Hacker, University of California
11:00 AM
Fossils as Alpha Thermochronometers
Peter Copeland, University of Houston; E. Bruce Watson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; J.B. Thomas, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Katrina Cox, Core Lab
11:15 AM
A Field Test of Cosmogenic 3He Dating in Calcite
William H. Amidon, California Institute of Technology; Ken A. Farley, California Institute of Technology; Scott Hynek, University of Utah
11:30 AM
Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotopic Study of the Iron Ore Group (IOG), a Mid Archean Eastern Indian Greenstone Belt
Sandeep Banerjee, Southern Methodist University; Robert T. Gregory, Southern Methodist University; Asish R. Basu, University of Rochester; Ian Richards, Southern Methodist University; Kurt Ferguson, Southern Methodist University