538 Symposium --Biogeochemistry of Relationships Among Soil Nutrients, Organic Carbon, and Water Quality: I (includes Graduate Student Competition) (Posters)

Poster Session
A05 Environmental Quality
Monday, 6 October 2008: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E

Poster #230
Microbial Source Tracking: Library Independent Host-Specific Bacteroidales 16S rRNA gene PCR Assay in a Mixed Use Watershed.
Natsuko Merrick, The Ohio State University/ Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center; Warren Dick, The Ohio State University/ Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center; Linda K. Dick, The Ohio State University
Poster #231
Relating Landuse Changes with Water Quality Parameters in the Alafia River Watershed, Florida.
Lori Clark, University of Florida; Jin-Seok Hong, University of Florida; Gurpal Toor, Gulf Coast REC. University of Florida-IFAS; Sabine Grunwald, Univ. of Florida; Craig Stanley, University of Florida
Poster #232
Sediment P Flux from Streams and Ditches Under Different Land Management Practices Draining into a Drinking Reservoir.
Candiss Williams, Purdue University; Brad Joern, Purdue University; Douglas Smith, USDA-ARS, Natl. Soil Erosion Res. Lab.; Laura Bowling, Purdue University; Carol Lembi, Purdue University
Poster #233
Metal Uptake and Accumulation by Water Lettuce (Pistia stratiotes) from Eutrophic Stormwater.
Qin Lu, University of Florida; Zhenli He, University of Florida; Yuangen Yang, University of Florida; Douglas Banks, University of Florida; Jinghua Fan, University of Florida; Donald A. Graetz, Univ. of Florida; Peter Stoffella, University of Florida
Poster #234
Sediment and Nutrient Loss in Reduced Tillage Systems.
David A. Verbree, The Pennsylvania State University; Sjoerd W. Duiker, The Pennsylvania State University
Poster #235
Buffer Effects on Runoff and Dissolved Organic Carbon Loss in a Corn-Soybean Rotation Using a Paired Watershed Approach.
Kristen Veum, University of Missouri; Keith Goyne, University of Missouri; Peter Motavalli, University of Missouri; Ranjith Udawatta, Center for Agroforestry; Harold Garrett, Center for Agroforestry
Poster #236
Soil Carbon Sequestration under Silvopastoral Systems in Spain.
David S. Howlett, Univ. of Florida, Center for Subtropical Agroforestry; M.-R. Mosquera-Losada, Universidad de Santiago, Campus Universitario; Ramachandran Nair, School of Forest Resources & Conservation; Antonio Rigueiro-Rodriguez, Escuela Politecnica Superior; Vimala Nair, University of Florida; Gerardo Moreno, Universidad de Extremadura
Poster #237
Ontology-based Simulation of Water Flow and Phosphorus in Organic Soils used for Sugarcane.
Ho-Young Kwon, University of Florida; Sabine Grunwald, University of Florida; Howard Beck, Unversity of Florida; Yun-chul Jung, University of Florida; Samira Daroub, Univ. of Florida; Timothy Lang, Univ. of Florida; Kelly Morgan, Univ. of Florida
Poster #238
Temperature Effects on Purification of Eutrophic Water by Floating Eco-island System.
Mian-Hao Hu, MOE Key Laboratory of Environment Remediation and Ecological Health, ZheJiang University; Xiaoe Yang, ZheJiang Univ.; Yan-Song Ao, Shanghai Jiaotong University; Zhenli He, Univ. of Florida
Poster #239
Using Snapshot Sampling to Characterize an Impaired Water.
Michner Bender, St. Cloud State Univ.; Amit Pradhananga, St. Cloud State University; Jacob Galzki, University of Minnesota
Poster #240
Soil properties, Hydrology, Farm Management and Weather Conditions Determine the Variability in Nitrate Leaching on Grassland-based Dairy Farms.
Jouke Oenema, Wageningen UR; Saskia Burgers, Wageningen UR; Hein Ten Berge, Wageningen UR; Koos Verloop, Wageningen UR; Arno Hooijboer, National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM); Cor de Jong, National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)
Poster #241
Effect of Sub-Surface Incorporation of Dry Poultry Litter on Nutrient Runoff from No-Till Soils.
Leonard Kibet, University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Arthur Allen, Univ. of Maryland Eastern Shore; Peter Kleinman, USDA-ARS; Daniel Pote, USDA-ARS; Gary Feyereisen, USDA-ARS; T. Way, USDA-ARS
Poster #242
Methods of Swine Slurry Application: Uniformity and Efficiency.
Maria Rosa Yague, Agrifood Res. and Technological Center of Aragon; Dolores Quilez Saez de Viteri, Agrifood Research and Technological Center of Aragon
Poster #243
Assessing Scale Effects on Derived Estimates of the Impacts of Manure and Tillage Management on Water Quality.
Francirose Shigaki, USDA - ARS; Peter Kleinman, USDA - ARS; Tamie Veith, USDA - ARS; Douglas Beegle, Pennsylvania State Univ.; Keisha Johnson, The Pennsylvania State University
Poster #244
Using Floating Vegetation to Remove Nutrients from An Anaerobic Swine Wastewater Lagoon.
Robert Hubbard, USDA-ARS; G. Larry Newton, University of Georgia; William Anderson, USDA-ARS; Jeffrey P. Wilson, USDA - Agricultural Research Service; John Ruter, University of Georgia
Poster #245
National Air Emissions Monitoring Study: Swine Feeding Operations in North Carolina.
Jihoon Kang, North Carolina State Univ.; Wayne Robarge, North Carolina state university