642 Soybean and Corn Management (Posters)

Poster Session
C03 Crop Ecology, Management & Quality
Tuesday, 7 October 2008: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E

Poster #342
Nitrogen Uptake and Yield of Corn Grown in Long-Term Experiment with Soil Amendment.
Bao-Luo Ma, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Tian-Yun Wu, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Malcolm Morrison, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Poster #344
Effects of Management Practice on Soybean oil quality.
Juan Gao, Michigan State University; Kurt Thelen, Michigan State Univ.; G. Philip Robertson, Michigan State University
Poster #345
Effect of Tillage System on Soybean Production.
Kenneth W. Kelley, Kansas State University; Daniel Sweeney, Kansas State University
Poster #346
Cultural Practices for Corn Grown on Shallow Drought-Prone Soils in Eastern Kansas.
James Long, Kansas State University; Gary Kilgore, Kansas State University
Poster #347
How Does Soybean Rust Cause Yield Loss.
Saratha Kumudini, University of Kentucky; Claudia V. Godoy, Embrapa, Soja; James Board, Louisiana State Univ., AgCenter; Joseph Omielan, University of Kentucky; Elena Prior, University of Kentucky; Matthijs Tollenaar, University of Guelph
Poster #348
Utility of Vegetation Indices in Assessing Canopy Closure in Soybean.
Joseph Omielan, University of Kentucky; Elena Prior, University of Kentucky; Saratha Kumudini, University of Kentucky
Poster #349
Nitrogen Rate Effects on NutriDense Corn.
Adam Shepard, The Ohio State University; Peter Thomison, Ohio State Univ. - Columbus; Robert Mullen, Ohio State Univ., OARDC
Poster #350
Forage Responses of Maize Hybrids to Environmental and Management Variables.
Luis Bertoia, ARGENTINA, Univ. de Lomas de Zamora; Alberto Peper, Monsanto Argentina S.A.
Poster #351
Soybean Response to Rhizobial Inoculation in Northern Mozambique.
Stephen Kyei-Boahen, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture - IITA; David Chikoye, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture - IITA; Lingxiao Zhang, Mississippi State Delta Res. Center
Poster #352
Effect of Phosphorus Supply on Soybean Plant Response to Water Deficit.
María N. Fioretti, Univ. Nacional del Sur; Sandra S. Baioni, Univ. Nacional del Sur; Hugo R. Mirassón, Univ. Nacional de La Pampa; Roberto Brevedan, Univ. Nacional del Sur y CERZOS (CONICET)
Poster #353
Planting Effective Cover Crops by using High Yield Early Maturity Corn Hybrids for Silage.
Stephen Herbert, Univ. of Massachusetts; Masoud Hashemi, University of Massachusetts; Sarah Weis, University of Massachusetts
Poster #354
Previous Broiler Litter Fertilization Treatment Effects on Soybean.
David Ferguson, Murray State Univ.; Matt Upchurch, Murray State Univ.; Iin Handayani, Murray State Univ.; John Mikulcik, Murray State Univ.
Poster #356
The Effect of Starter Fertilizer on Soybean Performance in North Dakota.
Blaine Schatz, NDSU-CREC; DoKyoung Lee, NDSU-CREC