688 Nutrient Budgets in the Balance: What Have We Learned? (Posters)

Poster Session
S07 Forest, Range & Wildland Soils
This is a follow on poster session for the days symposium.
Tuesday, 7 October 2008: 2:00 PM-4:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E

Poster #576
Characterizing Nutrient Budgets for Treeline Watersheds of the Colorado Rockies.
Charles Rhoades, USDA-Forest Service; John Norman III, Colorado State University; Eugene F. Kelly, Colorado State University
Poster #577
A Proposed C, N, and P Model for Northern New England Hardwood Forest Vegetation and Soils.
Walter Auch III, University of Vermont; Donald S. Ross, University of Vermont; Frank Gilliam, Marshall University
Poster #578
Soil Nutrient Dynamics Across a Site Quality Gradient.
Christine Bliss, USDA-FS (Forest Service); D. Andrew Scott, USDA-Forest Service; Tom J. Dean, Louisiana State University
Poster #579
Efficacy of Simulated K, P, and Mg Uptake by Loblolly Pine Seedlings as Described by Three Mechanistic Nutrient Uptake Models.
Wen Lin, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; J. Michael Kelly, Virginia Polytechnic Inst. & State Univ. (Virginia Tech)
Poster #580
The Impacts of Fertilization and Irrigation on Forest Floor and Mineral Soil C and N.
Larry Kiser, Virginia Polytechnic Inst. and State Univ.; Thomas Fox, Virginia Polytechnic Inst. & State Univ. (Virginia Tech); Daniel Richter, Duke Univ.; Tim Albaugh, North Carolina State Univ.; Chris Maier, USDA-Forest Service, Southern Research Station
Poster #582
Vegetation Control and Conifer Regeneration in Northern Ontario: 15-Year Sampling of Soil C Pools.
James McLaughlin, CANADA, ON Ministry of Nat. Resour.; Robert Wagner, University of Maine; Doug Pitt, Canadian Forest Service
Poster #583
Using DRIFTS to Determine the Relative Contribution of Inputs to SOM.
Kimberly Epps, Univ. of Florida; James Reeves III, USDA-ARS, Environmental Management and Byproduct Utilization Lab.; Nicholas Comerford, University of Florida