751 Phosphorus, Potassium, and Soil Acidity (Posters)

Poster Session
S04 Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition
This session includes posters on soil phosphorus and potassium as affected by management.
Wednesday, 8 October 2008: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E

Poster #494
Effect of Phosphate and Sulfate Application on Wheat Grain Yield and Selenium Content.
Sang Hun Lee, South Dakota State University; Howard J. Woodard, South Dakota State University; James Doolittle, South Dakota State University; Douglas Malo, South Dakota State Univ.; Thomas E. Schumacher, South Dakota State Univ.; Shannon Osborne, USDA-ARS, North Central Agricultural Research Laboratory
Poster #495
Phophorus, Zinc, and Manganese Interactions in Hydroponically Grown Maize.
Brandt Nichols, Brigham Young Univ.; Bryan Hopkins, Brigham Young University; Von Jolley, Brigham Young University; Bruce Webb, Brigham Young University; Bryan Greenwood, Brigham Young University
Poster #496
Phosphorus Fertilization of Late-Seeded Winter Wheat in a Chemical Fallow System.
Lawrence Lutcher, Oregon State University; William Schillinger, Washington State Univ.; Neil Christensen, Oregon State University; Stewart Wuest, USDA-ARS-NPA-SPNRU; Donald Wysocki, Oregon State University
Poster #497
A Web-Based Program for Predicting Soil Organic Matter and Phosphorus Changes from Applications of Manure and Compost.
Thomas Morris, Univ. of Connecticut; Jianli Ping, University of Connecticut; Richard Meinert, University of Connecticut Foundation; Dawn Pettinelli, University of Connecticut
Poster #498
Soil Phosphorus Pools for Histosols Under Sugarcane and Pasture.
Alan Wright, University of Florida; Miguel Castillo, University of Florida
Poster #499
Changes in Soil Test P and K with Site and Soil Differences.
David Franzen, North Dakota State Univ.
Poster #500
Dry Bean Genotypes Evaluation for Phosphorus Use Efficiency.
Nand Fageria, National Rice & Bean Research Center of EMBRAPA; Virupax Baligar, USDA-ARS-Sustainable Perennial Crops Lab
Poster #501
Management of Potassium in a Hybrid Bermudagrass Hay System.
Hubert Savoy, University of Tennessee; Debbie K. Joines, University of Tennessee; Brian Leib, University of Tennessee; Gary Bates, University of Tennessee
Poster #502
Determining the Al Tolerance and Optimum Soil pH of Winter Canola in the Southern Great Plains.
Josh Lofton, Oklahoma State University; Chad Godsey, Oklahoma State University; Hailin Zhang, Oklahoma State University
Poster #503
Effect of Soil Redox and pH on Nutrient Availability in Paddy Soils.
Manoch Kongchum, Louisiana State University; Ron DeLaune, Louisiana State Univ.; Aroon Jugsujinda, Louisiana State University; Brenda Tubana, Louisiana State Univ.
Poster #504
Effectiveness of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus (Glomus aggregatum) in Increasing Acacia Koa Tolerance to Al and Mn Toxicities in Acid Soils.
Gaoussou Diarra, University of Hawaii; Mitiku Habte, University of Hawaii; Paul Scowcroft, USDA-FS (Forest Service)
Poster #505
Tillage and Cropping System Effects on Nutrient Availability and Stratification in the Central Great Plains.
Nathan Nelson, Kansas State Univ.; Mark Claassen, Kansas State University
Poster #506
Zinc Fertilization Plus Liming to Reduce Cadmium Uptake by Romaine Lettuce on Lockwood Soil.
Rufus Chaney, USDA-ARS, Environmental Management and Byproduct Utilization Lab.; Fernando Solis Dominguez, University of Arizona; Carre E. Green, USDA-ARS-Environmental Management and Byproduct Utilization Laboratory; Husein Ajwa, Univ. of California, Davis; Richard Smith, Univ. of California, Coop. Ext., Monterey County