775 Wetland Soils (includes Graduate Student Competition) (Posters)

Poster Session
S10 Wetland Soils
This Session covers a wide variety of topics of interest to the wetland soils community.
Wednesday, 8 October 2008: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E

Poster #598
An Inexpensive Solution to Automated Redox Measurements.
Stephen Simkins, Univ. of Massachusetts; Lesley Spokas, University of Massachusetts; Peter Veneman, University of Massachusetts
Poster #599
Decomposition of Leaves and Roots of Different Crops in Peat.
H N. Hafsah, University of Putra Malaysia; Mohammed Husni, University of Putra Malaysia; O. Radziah, University of Putra Malaysia
Poster #600
Peat Soil Labile Carbon in Selected Agroecosytems and Its Use.
Mohammed Husni, University of Putra Malaysia; H N. Hafsah, University of Putra Malaysia; O. Radziah, University of Putra Malaysia; A R. Zaharah, University of Putra Malaysia
Poster #601
Effect of Different Electron Acceptors on Organic Carbon Mineralization and Transformation in a Freshwater Marsh.
Syam Dodla, Louisiana State Univ.; Jim Wang, Louisiana State University; Ron DeLaune, Louisiana State Univ.
Poster #602
Denitrification and Nitrous Oxide Emissions In Riparian Buffers.
Patrick Hunt, USDA-ARS; Terry Matheny, USDA-ARS; Thomas Ducey, USDA-ARS; Kyoung Ro, USDA-ARS; Richard Lowrance, USDA-ARS
Poster #603
Effects of Salinity on Denitrification Rates in Louisiana Coastal Wetlands Soils.
Brett Marks, Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge; John White, Louisiana State Univ.
Poster #604
Controlling Greenhouse Gas Efflux from Managed Wetlands through Iron Cycling.
Paul Bedore, Stanford University; Guangchao Li, Stanford Univ.; Shawn Benner, Boise State Univ.; Scott Fendorf, Stanford University
Poster #605
Soil Accumulation of N, P, C, and Solids In Marsh-Pond-Marsh Constructed Wetlands Treated with Anaerobic Lagoon Swine Wastewater.
Gudigopuram Reddy, North Carolina A&T State University; Dean Forbes, North Carolina A&T State University
Poster #606
Floc Sediment as a Nutrient Sink in Constructed and Natural Wetland Systems, South Florida.
Zhenli He, Univ. of Florida; Yuangen Yang, Univ. of Florida; Peter Stoffella, University of Florida; Delia Ivanoff, South Florida Water Management District; Michael Korvela, South Florida Water Manage. District; Douglas Banks, University of Florida
Poster #607
Phosphorus Characterization In the Everglades Agricultural Area Canal Sediments.
Jaya Das, Univ. of Florida; Samira Daroub, University of Florida; Orlando Diaz, University of Florida
Poster #608
Soil Morphology and Pollen Distribution in Riparian Zones: Indices of Land Use Change.
Matthew Ricker, University of Rhode Island; Mark Stolt, University of Rhode Island; Michael Zavada, East Tennessee State Univ.
Poster #609
Phosphorus Fractionation in Managed and Natural Wetlands in Northern California.
Matthew D. Ruark, Univ. of California, Davis; Bruce Linquist, University of California-Davis; Chris van Kessel, University of California-Davis
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