774 Symposium --Stability of Peatland Soil Carbon Pools and Trace Gas Emissions to Disturbance

Oral Session
S10 Wetland Soils
Peatland soils hold one-third of the global soil carbon pool and they are a major source of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. It is important to understand the sensitivity of peatland soil carbon pools and methane emissions to a wide variety of perturbations. The specific perturbations addressed by this symposium include drought, fire, mining of oil sands, flooding for hydroelectric and peat mining.
Wednesday, 8 October 2008: 1:05 PM-4:45 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 372B

James McLaughlin
1:05 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:10 PM
Science Needs to Support a Peatland Management and Climate Change Strategy for Northern Ontario.
James McLaughlin, CANADA, ON Ministry of Nat. Resour.; Sandra Wawryszyn, CANADA,ON Ministry of Nat. Resour.; Paul Gray, CANADA,ON Ministry of Nat. Resour.
1:35 PM
Interplay of Climate Change with Mire Hydrology and the Methane Cycle.
Donald I. Siegel, Syracuse University; Paul H. Glaser, University of Minnesota; Jeffrey P. Chanton, Florida State University; Donald O. Rosenberry, US Geological Survey
2:00 PM
An Experimental Test of Nine Climate Change Scenarios on Trace Gas and Carbon Dynamics in a Minnesota Bog and Fen over Eight Years.
Scott Bridgham, University of Notre Dame; John Pastor, Univ. of Minnesota; Jeffrey White, Indiana Univ.; Jake Weltzin, USA National phenology Network; Robert Shannon, Pennsylvania State Univ.
2:25 PM
Peatlands and Changing Climate: Will Prolonged Drought Convert Fen Carbon Sinks to Sources?.
Melanie Vile, Villanova University; Kimberli Scott, Villanova University; Kelman Wieder, Villanova University; Dale Vitt, University of Southern Illinois
2:50 PM
3:05 PM
Microbial Biogeochemistry Under Enhanced Nutrient Deposition In a Northern Bog.
Nathan Basiliko, University of Toronto Mississauga; Cori Armes, University of Toronto Mississauga; Jill Bubier, Mount Holyoke College; Varun Gupta, University of Toronto Mississauga; Timothy Moore, McGill Univ.; Britney Myers, University of Toronto Mississauga; Sami Ullah, McGill Univ.
3:30 PM
The Future of the Peatland Soils of Western Canada: Cumulative Effects of Natural and Anthropogenic Disturbance.
Dale H. Vitt, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; Merritt Turetsky, Michigan State University; R. Kelman Wieder, Villanova University; Rose Bloise, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
3:55 PM
Implications of the Development of Northern Alberta's Oil Resources for the Regional Peatland Carbon Budget.
R. Kelman Wieder, Villanova University; Melanie Vile, Villanova University; Kimberli Scott, Villanova University; Avni Malhotra, Villanova University; Stephen Mowbray, Villanova University; Dale H. Vitt, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
4:45 PM
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