668 Contaminants in Soil Environments (Posters)

Poster Session
S02 Soil Chemistry
Tuesday, 7 October 2008: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E

Poster #491
Swine Lagoon Effluent as a Potential Source of Antibiotic Resistant Genes in Surface Water.
Lloyd Liwimbi, North Carolina State University; Alexandria Graves, North Carolina State University; Daniel Israel, USDA-ARS; Bradford Robinson, North Carolina State University; Joie Lubbers, North Carolina State University; Daniel Vaal, North Carolina State University; Charles Cahoon, North Carolina State University
Poster #492
Veterinary Antibiotic Sorption to Agroforestry Buffer, Grass Buffer and Cropland Soils.
Bei Chu, Univ. of Missouri; Keith Goyne, Univ. of Missouri; Stephen Anderson, University of Missouri; Ranjith Udawatta, Center for Agroforestry; Chung-Ho Lin, Univ. of Missouri
Poster #493
Adsorption and Degradation of Veterinary Antibiotics in Soils Under Different Redox Conditions.
Jianglong Yang, Louisiana State University; Dong Cheol Seo, Gyeongsang Natl. Univ.; Jim Wang, Louisiana State Univ.; Ronald DeLaune, Louisiana State Univ.
Poster #494
Assessing the Leaching Potential of Trace Organic Contaminants in Turfgrass Soils Irrigated with Reclaimed Wastewater.
Jian Xu, University of California, Riverside; Weiping Chen, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of California, Riverside; Laosheng Wu, University of California, Riverside; Robert Green, University of California-Riverside
Poster #495
Distribution of Residual Diesel Components in Soil Pores After Bioremediation Assessed by the Measurement of Hydraulic Properties.
Seunghun Hyun, Korea University; Mi-Youn Ahn, University of Florida; Andrew Zimmerman, University of Florida; Minhee Kim, Korea University; Seung Mo Nam, Korea University; Jeong-Gyu Kim, Korea University
Poster #497
Reduce Fumigant Emissions using Impermeable Film and Water Seal.
Husein Ajwa, University of California-Davis
Poster #498
Spectroscopic Study of Reaction of Pentachlorophenol on Fe(III)-Montmorillonite Clay Surface.
Cheng Gu, Michigan State Univ.; Cun Liu, Michigan State University; Kiran Rana, Purdue University; Hui Li, Michigan State University; Brian Teppen, Michigan State Univ.; Stephen Boyd, Michigan State University; Clifford Johnston, Purdue University-Agronomy Dept.
Poster #499
Sorption of Dibenzo-p-dioxin by Clay Minerals: Hypotheses for Interlayer Complexation.
Cun Liu, Michigan State University; Kiran Rana, Purdue University; Clifford Johnston, Purdue University; Hui Li, Michigan State University; Stephen Boyd, Michigan State Univ.; Brian Teppen, Michigan State University
Poster #500
Formation of Residual and Entrapped Dense Non-aqueous Phase Liquid.
Lynn Dudley, Florida State Univ.; Nabanita Raha, Florida State Univ.
Poster #501
Characterization of Environmentally Relevant Chemical and Physical Properties of Silver Nano-Particles.
Todd Luxton, US EPA, ORD; Amro El Badawy, University of Cincinnati; Thabet Tolaymat, US EPA, ORD; Kirk Scheckel, U.S. EPA
Poster #502
Geochemistry of PAHs in the Vadose Zone of Contaminated Alluvial Sediments under Unsaturated Transient Flow Conditions.
Fabio Sartori, Texas A&M University; Jennifer McGuire, Texas A&M University; Binayak Mohanty, Texas A&M University; Bruce Herbert, Texas A&M University
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