581 Heavy Metals in Soil Environments: I (Posters)

Poster Session
S02 Soil Chemistry
Monday, 6 October 2008: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E

Poster #461
The Influences of Chemical Compositions and Molecular Sizes of Humic Substances on Cr(VI) Photo-Reduction.
Yu-Min Tzou, National Chung Hsing University; Ssu Ying Chen, National Chung Hsing University
Poster #462
Atomic Status of Al and Fe Reacted with Humic Acid as Determined by XAFS and Solid-State NMR.
Noriko Yamaguchi, National Institute for Agro-environmental Sciences; Syuntaro Hiradate, National Institute for Agro-environmental Sciences; Sayaka Morita, National Institute for Agro-environmental Sciences
Poster #463
Iron Cycling in a Riparian Area in South Central Connecticut.
Rebecca Elwood, University of Massachusetts, Graduate Student and USDA-NRCS
Poster #464
Enhancement of the Dissolution and Removal of Soil Heavy Metals by Adding Reductants.
Rung-Rung Chang, National Chung Hsing University; Chien-Hui Syu, National Chung Hsing University; Shan-Li Wang, National Chung Hsing University; Yu-Min Tzou, National Chung Hsing University
Poster #465
Short-Term Stability of Immobilized Heavy Metals in Soils: Greenhouse Experiment.
Lenom Cajuste Jr., University of Arizona; Lenom Cajuste, Colegio de Postgraduados; J. Rupit, Colegio de Postgraduados; A Ruiz-Bello, Colegio de Postgraduados; J. Cruz-Diaz, Colegio de Postgraduados
Poster #466
Distribution of Heavy Metals in Radishes: A Time Dependent Approach.
Mimi Roy, West Virginia University; Louis McDonald, West Virginia University
Poster #467
Modeling the Adsorption of Cations in Porous Materials.
Cristian Schulthess, Univ. of Connecticut; Robert W. Taylor, Alabama A&M Univ.
Poster #468
The Effect of Organic Acids from Rice (Oryza sativa L.) on Cadmium and Zinc Bioavailability in Thai Paddy Soils.
Saengdao Khaokaew, University of Delaware; Thimmaraju Rudrappa, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences Delaware Biotechnology Institute; Harsh P. Bais, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences Delaware Biotechnology Institute; Donald Sparks, University of Delaware
Poster #469
Distribution and Speciation of Cr in Selected Serpentinized/Ultramafic Soils from Zimbabwe.
Courage Bangira, Texas A&M University; Richard Loeppert, Texas A&M University - Rangeland Ecology & Management; Charles Hallmark, Texas A&M University; Youjun Deng, Texas A&M Univ.
Poster #470
Adsorption of Zn in Mixed Mineral Systems in the Presence of Ligands as a Function of pH.
Mohammed Hashem Stietiya, Louisiana State University - Agronomy & Environmental Management; Jim Wang, Louisiana State University; Amitava Roy, Louisiana State Univ.
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