743 Symposium --Black Carbon in Soils and Sediments: V. BC and SOM (Posters)

Poster Session
S02 Soil Chemistry
Black carbon is a significant component of the organic matter fraction in soils and sediments. This symposium will bring humic chemists, geologists, geochemists, soil scientists, and environmental scientists together to report on the latest developments in black carbon research. Topics of interest include the chemical and physical properties, bioavailability, degradation, abundance, and stability of black carbon in soils or sediments; physical, chemical, and spectroscopic methods for distinguishing black carbon and biogenic humic materials; the impact of bio-char amendments on greenhouse gas emissions, soil/sediment properties, nutrient cycling, and agricultural productivity.
Wednesday, 8 October 2008: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E

Poster #402
Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Carbonized Biomass Prepared by Different Methods.
James Amonette, Pacific Northwest National Lab; Steven S. Dai, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Colleen K. Russell, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Bruce W. Arey, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Poster #403
Characterization of Black Carbon using NEXAFS Spectroscopy.
Karen Heymann, Cornell University; Johannes Lehmann, Cornell University
Poster #404
Using the BPCA Molecular Marker Fingerprint to Reconstruct the Formation Temperature of Wood Char.
Maximilian Schneider, University of Zurich; Michael Hilf, University of Zurich; Michael Schmidt, University of Zurich
Poster #405
Using Fire as a Management Practice in Grassland and Cropping Systems: Effects on Soil Nutrient Availability, Carbon and Nitrogen Contents, and Structure.
Lisa Fultz, Oklahoma State University; Chad Penn, Oklahoma State University; S Fuhlendorf, Oklahoma State University
Poster #406
Poster #407
A Comparative Analysis of Soil Charcoal from Different Forest Types Along the Colorado Front Range.
Christopher Licata, University of Denver; Robert Sanford Jr., Univ. of Denver
Poster #408
Carbon and Nitrogen Mineralization of Pyrolysis Chars Incorporated in Loamy Sand Soils with Low Soil Organic Carbon.
Julia Gaskin, University of Georgia; Keith Harris, Univ. of Georgia; Dwight Fisher, USDA-ARS; K. Das, Univ. of Georgia
Poster #409
Sorption and Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium by Black Carbon Derived from Rice Straw.
Shan-Li Wang, National Chung Hsing University; Nai-Hua Hsu, National Chung Hsing University; Yu-Min Tzou, National Chung Hsing University; Jyh-Fu Lee, National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
Poster #410
Effect of Calcium on the Accumulation of the Humic Substances in Cultivated Soils.
Kazutoshi Kinjo, University of the Ryukyus; Yoshihiro Tokashiki, University of the Ryukyus; Kitou Makoto, University of the Ryukyus
Poster #411
NMR Spectroscopic Assessment of Recalcitrant Soil Organic Matter in Iowa Mollisols.
Xiaowen Fang, Iowa State Univ.; Teresita Chua, Iowa State University; Klaus Schmidt-Rohr, Iowa State Univ.; Michael Thompson, Iowa State Univ.
Poster #412
Spectroscopic and Thermal Assessment of Organic Matter in Iowa Mollisols.
Teresita Chua, Iowa State University; Xiaowen Fang, Iowa State Univ.; Klaus Schmidt-Rohr, Iowa State Univ.; Michael Thompson, Iowa State Univ.
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