783 Coupling Water and Chemical Transport and Fate in the Soil Root, Vadose, and Groundwater Zones at Different Scales

Oral Session
S01 Soil Physics
This session emphasizes on coupled modeling and measurements of water flow and chemical transport properties in soil systems at different scales. Experimental studies on water and chemical mobility and fate in both soil column and field studies together with the application of equilibrium and non-equilibrium flow and transport models are presented. The session highlights links between non-equilibrium and preferential transport including model sensitivity to meteorological data. The role of the soil root zone and the groundwater zone, providing input and output of water and chemical fluxes and forming upper and lower boundaries for the soil critical zone is illustrated.
Thursday, 9 October 2008: 9:25 AM-11:45 AM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 381C

Jirka Simunek
9:25 AM
Introductory Remarks
9:30 AM
Modeling Rhizosphere Soil Mechanics and Hydraulics - An Overview.
Markus Berli, Desert Research Institute; Teamrat Ghezzehei, Lawrence Berkeley Natl. Lab.; Manoj Menon, University of Nevada Reno; Scott Tyler, University of Nevada; Michael Young, Desert Res. Inst.; Anthony Dexter, INRA, Centre de Recherche d'Orléans
9:45 AM
Numerical Analysis of Water Flow in Root Zone Using Meteorological Data.
Masaru Sakai, University of California Riverside; Keiko Nakano, National Agricultural Research Center for Kyushu Okinawa Region; Jirka Simunek, Univ. of California; Nobuo Toride, Mie Univ.
10:00 AM
Modeling Nonequilibrium and Preferential Flow and Transport with HYDRUS.
Jiri Simunek, University of California; M. Th. Van Genuchten, U.S. Salinity Lab., USDA-ARS; Miroslav Sejna, PC-Progress, Ltd.
10:15 AM
A Coupled Approach to Modeling Vadose Zone and Ground Water Flow and Solute Transport at Different Scales.
Navin Kumar Twarakavi, University of California, Riverside; Jirka Simunek, Univ. of California, Riverside
10:30 AM
10:45 AM
Modeling of Calcium Hydroxide Transport in a Volcanic-ash Soil using HP1 code.
Nobuo Toride, Mie university; Chen DaiWen, Mie University
11:00 AM
11:15 AM
Coupled Transport of Nitrate and Chloride in Soil Columns.
Amir González, New Mexico State University; Manoj Shukla, New Mexico State University
11:30 AM
Measurement and Simulation of Two-dimensional Movement of Nitrate as Influenced by Landscape Positions.
Lekan Solomon Olatuyi, University of Manitoba; Olalekan Akinremi, University of Manitoba; D.N. Flaten, University of Manitoba; D.A. Lobb, University of Manitoba; M. Entz, University of Manitoba
11:45 AM
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