532 Balancing Military Training with Vegetation Maintenance

Oral Session
A02 Military Land Use & Management
Monday, 6 October 2008: 1:25 PM-2:45 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 370D

Dick Gebhart
1:25 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:30 PM
Using Transgenic Plants on Military Lands: Soliciting Public Approval through Eco-Safety Experiments.
Antonio Palazzo, U.S. Army; Timothy Cary, USA-CRREL; Gengyun Zhang, USA-CRREL; S. Doty, USA-CRREL; Neil C. Bruce, Univ. of York; S. Strand, USA-CRREL; Elizabeth L. Rylott, Univ. of York
1:45 PM
A Method for Assessing the Ecological Condition of Army Lands Using a Floristic Quality Index.
Bruce MacAllister, ERDC-CERL; Alan Anderson, U.S. Army; Sarah Nemeth, ERDC-CERL
2:00 PM
Re-Establishment and Monitoring of C. Fragrans at Avon Park Air Force Range, FL.
Timothy Cary, USA-CRREL; Antonio Palazzo, USA-CRREL; Terry Bashore, Director, Natural and Cultural Resources Programs, Range, Air, and Space, Air Fields
2:15 PM
2:30 PM
Effects of Humic Acids on the Germination and Early Growth of Two Varieties of Wheatgrass Grown Together.
Nicola Senesi, ITALY, Bari Univ.; Elisabetta Loffredo, ITALY,Bari Univ.; Antonio Palazzo, U.S. Army; C. Edward Clapp, USDA-ARS
2:45 PM