755 Management for Conserving Soil and Water (includes Graduate Student Competition)

Oral Session
S06 Soil & Water Management & Conservation
Wednesday, 8 October 2008: 12:55 PM-4:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 361C

Shad Nelson
12:55 PM
Introductory Remarks
1:00 PM
Socioeconomic and Environmental Factors that Influence Adoption of No-Till in the Great Plains.
Amy Swan, Colorado State University; Stephen Ogle, Colorado State Univ.; Kathy Pickering, Colorado State University; Keith Paustian, Colorado State Univ.
1:15 PM
Environmental and Socioeconomic Influences on Adoption of No-Till for GHG Emissions Trading.
Stephen Ogle, Colorado State Univ.; John Antle, Montana State University; Keith Paustian, Colorado State Univ.
1:30 PM
Clump Planting to Reduce the Tiller Production and Increase the Yield in Dryland Corn.
Mohankumar Kapanigowda, West Texas A&M UNiversity; B. Stewart, West Texas A&M UNiversity; Terry Howell, USDA-ARS; Louis Baumhardt, USDA-ARS; H. Kadasrivenkata, West Texas A&M UNiversity; Paul D. Colaizzi, USDA-ARS
1:45 PM
Circular Planting in Dryland Cropping Systems.
John Nelson, Texas Tech University; Robert Lascano, Texas A&M Univ.; Jill Booker, Texas AgriLife Research
2:00 PM
Soil Compaction Management in Continuous No-Tillage.
Sjoerd Duiker, Pennsylvania State Univ.
2:15 PM
Site-Specific Nutrient Management Practices for Targeted Corn and Pigeonpea Yield in Alfisols of Karnataka, India.
Umesh Rangappa, University of agricultural Sciences,; Shankar Ankegowda, University of Agricultural Sciences,; T. Rao, International plant nutrition institute; Mohankumar Kapanigowda, Texas A&M University; Dhanapal G. Nanjappa, University of Agricultural Sciences,
2:30 PM
2:45 PM
Tillage and Irrigation Method Effects on Yield and Quality of Sugarbeet and Malting Barley.
William Stevens, USDA-ARS NPARL; Robert Evans, USDA-ARS NPARL; Jalal Jabro, USDA-ARS NPARL; William M. Iversen, USDA-ARS NPARL
3:00 PM
Conservation Tillage and Deficit Irrigation Effects on Water Use and Yield of Cotton and Corn.
R. Louis Baumhardt, USDA-ARS; Robert Schwartz, USDA-ARS; Terry Howell, USDA-ARS
3:15 PM
Irrigation of Urban Turf Grass: Effect of Sodium on Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphate Leaching from Soil.
Meredith Steele, Texas A&M University; Jacqueline Aitkenhead-Peterson, Texas A&M University
3:30 PM
Assessment of Compost Maturity Indices for a High Salt/High pH Compost.
Jason de Koff, Purdue University; B.D. Lee, Purdue University; Sylvie Quideau, Dep. of Renewable Resources; Se-Woung Oh, Mokpo Natl. Univ.
4:00 PM