776 Remediation and Reclamation of Soils: I (includes Graduate Student Competition)

Oral Session
S11 Soils & Environmental Quality
Wednesday, 8 October 2008: 8:25 AM-11:30 AM
George R. Brown Convention Center, 362AB

Jorge Hernandez and John Sloan
8:25 AM
Introductory Remarks
8:30 AM
Hydrocarbon Biodegradation in a Sub-Antarctic Soil: Response to Varying Oxygen Levels.
James Walworth, University of Arizona; Paul Harvey, Australian Antarctic Division; Susan Ferguson, Australian Antarctic Division; Scott Stark, Australian Antarctic Division; John Rayner, Australian Antarctic Division; Ian Snape, Australian Antarctic Division; Andrew Pond, University of Arizona; Shane Powell, Australian Antarctic Division; Greg Hince, Australian Antarctic Division; Jane Wasley, Australian Antarctic Division
8:45 AM
Phosphorus Removal from Agricultural Drainage Ditches Using Gypsum Filter Structures.
Karen Grubb, University of Maryland; Joshua McGrath, University of Maryland; Ray Bryant, USDA-ARS; Chad Penn, Oklahoma State Univ.
9:00 AM
Impacting the Mobility of Phosphate for Remediation of Lead Contaminated Soils.
Anthony Fulford, Southern Illinois University; Jorge Hernandez, Southern Illinois University
9:15 AM
Evidence for Metal Phosphate Formation upon the Addition of Different P Amendments to a Pb-Zn Smelter Contaminated Soil.
Lucas Baker, Kansas State Univ.; Gary Pierzynski, Kansas State Univ.; Ganga Hettiarachchi, Kansas State Univ.; Kirk Scheckel, U.S. EPA; Matthew Newville, Consortium for Advanced Radiation Sources, Univ. of Chicago; Srimathie Indraratne, Univ. of Peradeniya
9:30 AM
Phytoextraction Potential of Arsenic by Castor Bean In Nutrient Solution.
√Čvio Eduardo Chaves Melo, Federal University of Lavras; Enio Tarso de Souza Costa, Federal University of Lavras; Luiz-Roberto Guilherme, Federal Univ. of Lavras; Valdemar Faquin, Federal University of Lavras
9:45 AM
10:15 AM
Subsurface pH Manipulation for the Immobilization of Uranium.
Wensui Luo, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Fan Zhang, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; S. Kelly, Argonne National Laboratory; Ken Kemner, Argonne National Laboratory; Jizhong Zhou, Univ. of Oklahoma; David Watson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Philip Jardine, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Baohua Gu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
10:30 AM
Soil Carbon Pools In Reclaimed Mineland of Ohio Under Different Ages and Landuses.
Amitava Chatterjee, Carbon Management and Sequestration Center, Ohio State Univ.; Lucian Wielopolski, Brookhaven Natl. Lab.; Rattan Lal, Ohio State Univ. - Columbus
10:45 AM
Characterization of Deep Subsoil Strata as Suitable Plant Growth Material.
David Lang, Mississippi State Univ.; Brandon Shankle, Mississippi State University; Vitalis Temu, Mississippi State University; Judd Sanborn, North American Coal; George Hawkey, North American Coal
11:00 AM
Enhancing Carbon and Nitrogen Sequestration of Reclaimed Minesoils in Ohio by using Organic Amendments and Deep Ripping.
Raj Shrestha, Ohio State Univ.; Rattan Lal, The Ohio State University; Pierre-Andre Jacinthe, Indiana Univ.
11:15 AM
Carbon and Nitrogen Sequestration in Coal Mine Soils Amended with Poultry Manure and Paper Mill Sludge.
Ashlee Dere, Pennsylvania State Univ.; Richard Stehouwer, Pennsylvania State Univ.; Kirsten McDonald, Pennsylvania State Univ.; Emad Aboukila, Pennsylvania State Univ.
11:30 AM