713 Crop Management (Posters)

Poster Session
A08 Integrated Agricultural Systems
Wednesday, 8 October 2008: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
George R. Brown Convention Center, Exhibit Hall E

Poster #282
Affect of Grazing on Grain Quality and Yield of Hard and White Winter Wheat Varieties.
Johnathon Holman, Kansas State University; Curtis Thompson, Kansas State Univ.; Alan Schlegel, Kansas State Univ.; Ron Hale, Former Livestock Extension Specialist, Kansas State University
Poster #283
Integration of Tillage, Fertility, and Crop Rotation in a Cropping System.
Ezra Aberle, NDSU-CREC; DoKyoung Lee, NDSU-CREC; Blaine Schatz, NDSU-CREC
Poster #284
Row Crop Response to Strip Tillage.
Gregory Endres, North Dakota State Univ.; Paul Hendrickson, North Dakota State University
Poster #285
Developing Profitable and Sustainable Cropping Systems for North-Central Oregon and South-Central Washington.
Stephen Machado, Oregon State Univ.; Dan Ball, Oregon State University; Steve Petrie, Oregon State Univ.; Larry Pritchett, Oregon State University; Dick Smiley, Oregon State University
Poster #286
Reductions in Nitrate Leaching Due to Management in Southwest Michigan.
Sara Syswerda, Michigan State University; Bruno Basso, ITALY, U. Della Basilicata; G. Philip Robertson, Michigan State University
Poster #287
Identifying Constraints to Potato Cropping System Sustainability.
C. Wayne Honeycutt, USDA-ARS; Tim Griffin, USDA-ARS; Robert Larkin, USDA-ARS; Zhongqi He, USDA-ARS; O.M. Olanya, USDA-ARS; John Halloran, USDA-ARS
Poster #288
Grain Corn Response to Crop Sequences in Sod-based Rotation.
Duli Zhao, USDA-ARS-SAA; David Wright, University of Florida; Jim Marois, University of Florida; Cheryl Mackowiak, University of Florida
Poster #289
Influence of Row Configuration on Grain Sorghum Yield on Upland and Alluvial Soils.
Henry Mascagni Jr., Louisiana State Univ.; Robert Bell, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center
Poster #290
Crop Diversification and Management System Influence Yield and Weeds in the Northern Great Plains.
Andrew Lenssen, USDA, ARS; Upendra Sainju, USDA, ARS; TheCan Caesar-TonThat, USDA-ARS; Brett Allen, USDA, ARS; R.T. Lartey, USDA, ARS; Robert Evans, USDA, ARS
Poster #291
Development of an Integration Sensor and Instrumentation System for Measuring Crop Conditions.
Yubin Lan, USDA-ARS; Huihui Zhang, Texas A&M University; Ron Lacey, Texas A&M University; Yanbo Huang, USDA-ARS; W. Clint Hoffmann, USDA-ARS