Monday, November 5, 2007: 9:25 AM
Convention Center, Room 222, Second Floor
118: Symposium--Advanced Analytical Methods for Understanding the Chemistry of Nutrient Elements in Soils: I
Sponsor:S11 Soils & Environmental Quality
Cosponsor:S09 Soil Mineralogy
Presidings:Kirk Scheckel, US-EPA(Environ. Protection Agency)
Ganga Hettiarachchi, University of Adelaide
9:25 AMIntroductory Remarks
9:30 AMApplication of Spectroscopic Techniques to Speciate Nutrients in Soils and Waste Materials.
Donald Sparks, University of Delaware, Jennifer Seiter, University of Delaware, Derek Peak, University of Saskatchewan, Yuji Arai, Clemson University, Stefan Hunger, University of Leeds
9:45 AMSpeciation and Interactions of Iron and Phosphorus in Soils.
Dean Hesterberg, North Carolina State University, Kimberly Hutchison, North Carolina State University
10:00 AMDirect Speciation and Distribution of Dietary Arsenic in Chicken Excreta and Tissues.
Jennifer Seiter, University of Delaware, Donald Sparks, University of Delaware
10:15 AMArsenic Distribution and Localization in the Fronds of the Hyperaccumulator Fern Pteris vittata.
Mandakini Patel, University of Texas at San Antonio, Rupali Datta, University of Texas at San Antonio, Pravin Punamiya, University of Texas at San Antonio, Dibyendu Sarkar, University of Texas at San Antonio, Mohd Israr, Western Kentucky Univ., Shivendra Sahi, Western Kentucky Univ.
10:30 AMFundamental Links Between Adsorbed Mercury Chemical Distribution and Speciation to Bioavailability for Methylation in a Contaminated Floodplain Soil.
Mark Chappell, US Army Corps of Engineers, Kirk Scheckel, US-EPA(Environ. Protection Agency), Michael Jacobi, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 3, Joel Hennessy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 3
10:45 AMIsotopic dilution, Microscopic and Spectroscopic Techniques for Understanding Different Reaction Pathways for Liquid- and Granular-Micronutrients in Calcareous Soils.
Ganga Hettiarachchi, CSIRO Land & Water/University of Adelaide, Michael McLaughlin, CSIRO Land and Water, Kirk Scheckel, US-EPA(Environ. Protection Agency), David Chittleborough, University of Adelaide, Matthew Newville, Consortium for Advanced Radiation Sources, The University of Chicago
11:00 AMBreak
11:15 AMMicrospectroscopy of Nitrogen Forms in Soil using NEXAFS.
Johannes Lehmann, Cornell University, Dawit Solomon, Cornell University
11:30 AMOrganic Matter Quality in Reclaimed Soils.
Sylvie Quideau, CANADA,Univ.of Alberta, Isabelle Turcotte, CANADA,Univ.of Alberta, Se-Woung Oh, Mokpo National University
11:45 AMMicrobial Communities and Nutrient Availability in Reclaimed Soils.
M. Derek MacKenzie, University of Alberta, Sylvie A. Quideau, Deptartment of Renewable Resources
12:00 PMThe Role of Mineral Components and Organic Matter in Determining the Wettability of a Solid Geosorbant.
Robert Cook, Louisiana State University/Southern University at Baton Rouge
12:15 PMSoil Sustainability as Measured by Carbon Sequestration Using Carbon Isotopes from Crop-Livestock Management Systems in a Semi-Arid Environment.
Victoria N. Deycard, Texas Tech University, Wayne Hudnall, Texas Tech University, Vivien G. Allen, Texas Tech University
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12:30 PMAdjourn
Cosponsor:S09 Soil Mineralogy

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