Thursday, November 8, 2007: 7:55 AM
Convention Center, Room 210, Second Floor
338: Drought, Water Management & Establishment
Sponsor:C05 Turfgrass Science
Presiding:Ryan Goss, New Mexico State University
7:55 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:00 AMGrowth Responses of Saltgrass to Combined Effects of Drought Stress and Mowing Heights.
Mohammad Pessarakli, University of Arizona, D.M. Kopec, University of Arizona, Jeffrey Gilbert, University of Arizona, Anthony Koski, Colorado State University
8:15 AMUse of Mesotrione at cool-season turfgrass establishment for annual bluegrass control.
Stephen Hart, Rutgers State University Accounts Payable, Patrick McCullough, Rutgers University
8:30 AMRooting in a Creeping Bentgrass Putting Green in Response to Summer Irrigation in 2006.
Jinmin Fu, University of Maryland, Peter Dernoeden, University of Maryland
8:45 AMDrought Responses of Kentucky Bluegrass and Creeping Bentgrass as Affected by Abscisic Acid and Trinexapac-ethyl.
Stephen McCann, Rutgers University Cooperative Extension, Bingru Huang, Rutgers University
9:00 AMVirtual Irrigation Audits in Real-Time.
Larry Stowell, PACE Turfgrass Research Institute (PTRI), Wendy Gelernter, PACE Turfgrass Research Institute (PTRI)
9:15 AMEffects of Waterlogging on Mitochondrial Oxidative Injury and Manganese Superoxide Dismutase in Roots of Kentucky Bluegrass.
Yiwei Jiang, Purdue University-Agronomy Dept., Kehua Wang, Purdue University, Jeffrey Volenec, Purdue University-Agronomy Dept.
9:30 AMEvaluation of Competition Amongst Turf Bermudagrasses During Establishment Phase.
Holly Han, Oklahoma State University, Dennis Martin, Oklahoma State University, Greg Bell, Oklahoma State University, Charles Taliaferro, Oklahoma State University, Nathan Walker, Oklahoma State University, Yanqi Wu, Oklahoma State University
9:45 AMDiscussion & Break
10:00 AMAuxin-Boosted Biosolids Impact Leaf and Root Hormones Associated with Drought Resistance in Tall Fescue.
Erik H. Ervin, Virginia Tech, Xunzhong Zhang, Virginia Tech, Gregory Evanylo, Virginia Tech, Katie Haering, Virginia Tech
10:15 AMSoil Water Use Patterns of Tall Fescue and Hybrid Bluegrass.
Leonard Githinji, Auburn University, Jacob H. Dane, Auburn University, Robert H. Walker, Auburn University
10:30 AMPlanting Date Effects on Root Growth of Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa Pratensis L.) Sod During Establishment.
Jeffrey Beasley, Louisiana State University AgCenter, Henry Wilkinson, University of Illinois
10:45 AMComparative Irrigation Requirements of 30 Cultivars of Kentucky Bluegrasses under a Large Rainout Facility in the Transition Zone.
Jason Lewis, Kansas State University - Horticulture, Forestry, & Recreation Resources, Dale Bremer, Kansas State University - Horticulture, Forestry, & Recreation Resources, Jack Fry, Kansas State University - Horticulture, Forestry, & Recreation Resources, Steve Keeley, Kansas State University - Horticulture, Forestry, & Recreation Resources
11:00 AMEffect of Salt Concentration on Germination and Establishment of Seashore Paspalum.
Paul Raymer, University of Georgia, R. N. Carrow, University of Georgia, Z. Chen, University of Georgia
11:15 AMNo-till Strategies for Conversion of Common to High-Density Seeded Bermudagrass.
Gregg Munshaw, Mississippi State University, Herbert Philley, Mississippi State University, Wayne Wells, Mississippi State University, Barry Stewart, Mississippi State University
11:30 AMDiscussion & Concluding Remarks
11:40 AMAdjourn

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